Daily Prophetic Word

Pardon Our Progress

August 24, 2020


We have now deployed our new and improved Father’s Heart Ministry Page! You can our new updated site HERE . This site remains for archive purposes only and will not be updated after August 17th, 2020. God bless you – if you have any questions please call our office at 417-593-9802.

Prophets Russ and Kitty


The Father says today, your hearing is better than it used to be but it isn’t yet perfected. I am giving you the ability to discriminate between My voice and the cacophony of noises in the spirit round about you. The voice of the past may be safely ignored for you will not pass this way again. The voice of strife has nothing important to take note of for you are a principality and a power who cannot fail to manifest the Christ of God in your situation. The voice of complaint need not be hearkened to for I will fill your mouth with blessing and praise and thankfulness.

Hearken to My sound and My sound only says the Father. I am the voice of many waters drowning out the empty and vain pollutants and contaminating strains of lack, fear, doubt and despair. You will not despair, says the Father, for I am your joy. You will not lack for I am your provision. You will not fear for I am your strong tower. You will not doubt for I will be there to lift you up lest you dash your foot against a stone. Be assured says the Father and be at rest, for the curtain is rising on the final act of your breakthrough.

The Father says today, I am not a far-off God. I see the trouble you are in, and I am acting in your defense. Let your mouth pray. Let your petition be made known, for the words of your mouth and meditation of your heart open the entrance for Me to come in. I am knocking at the door of your heart – your faith opens to Me and commissions Me to act. Your persecutor’s pride will cause them to be taken and snared in the very plan they have devised to bring you harm. They have said they will lord over you and force you to their will, but I will remove them from your sight, and they will trouble you no more. The tongue that speaks vanity and the hands that work mischief against you will be chastised, and you will go free rejoicing in the deliverance that I have worked on your behalf.

Though you’ve been long in waiting, the Father says I have not forgotten you. I will arise and lift My hand and by My power sweep away the spiteful ones because you committed yourself to My keeping and said in your heart, “The Lord is my Helper.” The arm of the godless is broken, and the harassment of the enemy now perishes from your land. You will look diligently for those who hate you and be unable to find them. I will work a complete work to deliver and remove far off from you the caterpillar, the cankerworm, and the locust that has plagued you with problem after problem for all these years. Do you trust Me? Let Me take it from here. Enter into the rest of knowing it isn’t about your strength or your wisdom. You can’t think your way out of this situation, and you can’t fix things. Take your hands off and trust Me to resolve in an instant this longstanding detrimental circumstance in your life.