Lives are being changed and brought to breakthrough at Father’s Heart Ministry!

From one recent encounter: “…I received prophetic ministry from Russ recently. Honestly, it was one of the best spiritual experiences I have had in 40 years as a believer. I came away with very clear direction, which means I can pursue with confidence exactly what God has for me. No more wasting time and resources pursuing other things – I can now focus my efforts on God’s very best for me. I now have more faith and confidence to reach much higher levels in God because of the encouragement and prophetic insight I received. As far as value goes, I have paid many $$$ for secular counseling, etc. over the years. I would exchange 10 of those sessions for one prophetic word from Russ without thinking twice. God’s word and the prophetic truly bring genuine breakthrough! Priceless. My advice to you, do not hesitate for a moment!”

S.B. in Australia

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