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Are you desperate for a miracle? Have you tried everything to improve things and nothing is helping? You are so privileged to live in the day when the DEMONSTRATION OF SPIRIT is giving way to the DEMONSTRATION OF POWER!
[Mat 9:20 KJV] 20 And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind [him], and touched the hem of his garment:
In Mark chapter 9 we come upon Jesus in the midst of an unrelenting throng of people, on his way to heal a certain ruler’s daughter. The need was desperate because the man has now heard that his daughter is dead. Oh, my goodness the anxiety this man must have felt! In the midst of the chaos as Jesus navigates the crowd, many people are pressing in around Him, touching Him, pulling on His clothes – but something wonderful is about to happen! There is a woman in the crowd who has made up her mind to have a made-up mind!

“She Made Her Mind Up to Have a Made-Up Mind!”

Have you made up your mind to have a made-up mind? This woman has suffered greatly. She has done everything she can – all that the medical profession of her day was capable of and she only getting worse. Her strength ebbing, breaking all custom and tradition for someone in her condition she pushes through the jostling crowd and touches the hem of Jesus’ garment.
Do you know what happens next? Of course, you do, but let’s pause just a moment look at what was going on in her heart of hearts:
[Mat 9:21 KJV] 21 For she said within herself, If I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole.
Did you get that? After her healing Jesus tells her that it was HER FAITH that made her whole. Do you have that kind of faith? I believe that if you have watched or listened or read to this point in this narrative YOU DO HAVE this kind of faith. One translation renders the verse above (v. 21) as her saying “if I can – I WILL ….” God wasn’t requiring her to do what she couldn’t do. She only had to do what she COULD DO and guess what? The VIRTUE OF GLORY on the inside of Jesus flashed out of Him and instantly healed her of 12 years of suffering!!!!
What are you suffering? Is it physical, in your body? Is it financial? Are you only growing worse in your financial or physical condition? The woman was hemorrhaging physically but maybe you are hemorrhaging financially? What about your relationships? Maybe the love and fidelity that once typified your marriage has bled out over years of disappointment and betrayal. Have you suffered much with a broken marriage, or in loneliness? Perhaps you have suffered with children who are away from God… What can you do? This is important to answer because the beginning of her miracle was when she said within herself IF I CAN I WILL… Part of what she could do had to do with Jesus being available. We don’t have Jesus’ garment with us, but we do have in this communication a point of contact that you can take advantage of. Look below and you will see we have provide a DIGITAL facsimile of the hem of Jesus garment:
Don’t get skeptical now, don’t let pride or not wanting to look foolish rob you of what God is about to do. Put your hand over that picture above or watch the video and let it be your point of contact to receive your miracle today. Then sit down and write your testimony out and e-mail it to us at propheticnow@gmail.com … what if you don’t get an immediate manifestation? That doesn’t nullify your faith or say what will happen in the next moment, or hour or day. This is your time! Everything changes now as you say in your heart “if I can – I will” and then do what you can and believe for your miracle as Jesus told the man with the deceased daughter – FEAR NOT! BELIEVE ONLY!

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