Prophetic Dream Interpretation:

To receive a detailed prophetic dream interpretation from a biblical perspective, ¬†use the SUBMIT FORM PROVIDED AT THE END OF THIS PAGE. We will respond back to you with a dream interpretation inspired from the Holy Spirit through the prophetic gifts drawn from the truths of God’s word. ~ Prophets Russ & Kitty Walden

Do you believe your dreams may have hidden meanings? Did you know the Bible teaches that God speaks to us in dreams? Dreams often speak to us regarding things that we have overlooked or are hidden from us. They are a valuable resource of assistance and needed insight into challenging situations in your life.

Use the form below to request your dream interpretation. We will respond with detailed written interpretation of your dream from a prophetic perspective. Please note the time involved to prepare your dream interpretation is considerable therefore donation is requested and appreciated.

Use the form below to submit your dream request:

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  • Mary Cruz says:

    I received so much insight w Bro Russ ‘s interpretation of my very wierd dream! Turns out not so wierd, Thanks for clarifying what Holy Spirit was saying . Spot on for the events in my life presently. Brother Russ, I went to find it in my email, but is nowhere to be found- I like to read it over for encouragement during these rough days, could u possibly resend it? . Blessings to you & kitty for your ministry!

  • Peter says:

    Dearly beloved Prophet Russ god bless you and my fellow prophets. Please pray for an prophetic impartation.
    I pledge to soldier with you’ll as I am blessed
    Dearly beloved I pray above all things you prosper and be in good health just as your soul prospers

  • mnw0610 says:

    I had my dream interpreted by Russ and it was spot on. I have been struggling with dream interpretation for many years, and just could not find anyone willing to help. This online ministry is a real blessing.

  • VernaFields says:

    Thank u for everything

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