Anyone can Praise their own Ministry but the True Credibility of a Prophetic Ministry is Reflected in the Reports of Breakthrough and Blessing in the lives of those they touch.

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Prophetic Counseling Feedback:

I can’t even begin to tell you how instrumental Father’s Heart Ministry has been in pulling me up and out of the stuck place that I was in for years. I promise you, if you get serious with God, He will get serious with you. I have received many words of prophecy in the past but didn’t have the wisdom and the knowledge to walk it out. A direction was lacking. Prophetic Counseling was the way that God truly got me up and going. You will receive the wisdom and knowledge that you need to be able to walk out the plan of God for your life. ~ S.W. – Tennessee.


Personal Prophecy Feedback:

Praise God Kitty and Russ! You gave me a Prophetic word back in April 2017, that this season was my time and that I would start hearing the sound of “provision”/increase. Well after working less than one month on a new job I was promoted to an entirely new position, and after five months total, I was promoted again within the same title with a $7,000 increase in pay effective 9-1-17! I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness and looking forward to all he is going to do for his people!! Halelulia! Thanks for being a true prophet!!! In his grace, Desiree..”



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  • Rachel Goodall says:

    Praise God for His faithfulness!! I received the Word given to you for me!! It very encouraging and Fod knows our hearts!!!! Thankyou!! I am strengthens and have a stronger passion!! More revelation!!

  • Latika says:

    I read over the word from Russ and Kitty very slowly. It has taken me over an hour to Selah over every sentence. There were things that immediately came to mind as I read and there are some things that I am still pondering. I printed the word out so that I can have it readily available to read. I have even underlined some things.
    I have a church home but prophesy is not something that takes place. So, I truly appreciate you two seeking God on my behalf. You took your time in order to hear from the Lord. That is awesome. I pray that God will continue to bless you in what you have need and even some things you didn’t think you wanted.

  • Carol Kellam says:

    I received a prophecy from Prophet Russ and Kitty Walden and it shook me to my core another words it was an arrest of my spirit. It showed me that God has not forgotten about His promises to me and for my family but it also revealed the things that have been holding me back from experiencing God’s best. There were some things vs that were not clear but I will seek the Lord in the days to come for clarity. This was on point and encouraging to me, spirit, soul and body!

  • KB says:

    Thank you for being vessels to deliver the prophetic word I received through you on May 15. First off, even the timing of receiving it was so ‘God.’  It provided the encouragement, confidence, and ‘breakthrough’ I had been lacking to move on from a non-productive, almost paralyzing situation and state. The same day I made airline reservations for a long-considered trip. Since then I have been growing daily in optimism and anticipation for the future. There were specific and practical aspects to the word also, and I am looking forward to seeing how they unfold in coming days and weeks. Many blessings to you..

  • Adria Baugniet says:

    I was so encouraged and touched today. I requested a prophetic word. I appreciate your time and prayer and willingness to hear on my behalf. I really believe God used your ministry today to fill my heart with peace. I have been going through a situation that only my sister and husband know about. I was overwhelmed with thankfulness as I felt so understood by the heart of God. Thank you so much for being the willing vessels God has used to bless my life. There were things I have prayed to God that were confirmed in your prophetic word to me. I will cherish this word and the promises from God in this word as a treasure. Thank you Russ and Kitty.

  • Keith & Sarah Baker says:

    Dear Russ and Kitty Walden
    Thank you for sharing a very encouraging word of prophecy.
    We have both known for many years that the Lord has called us to ministry, I served as assistant pastor for 14 years, and as evangelist. My wife Sarah is a worship leader and she is learning to play the keyboard and I am learning to play the guitar. I had a vision some years ago of us working with churches that are suffering and want change. That we were to help them to get back on their feet and become active in their faith. And start church planting. Work amongst the poor and homeless.
    We have gained much experience and deep bible knowledge. The church we are in at the moment does not recognise our calling. It is an Anglican church. The Vicar has tried to box us in, but we feel the Lord saying not to let anyone control us, but to be free to follow Him. It has been a hard time in the last five years. I nearly lost my wife through her having a 32lb cyst, she had a life saving operation. I was diagnosed with liver thrombosis and nearly died too. We are both still here by the grace of God. We were kicked out of a church because they did not like our ministry in winning souls for Jesus. We lost our home and the Lord provided for us. We were left totally on our own.
    My wife Sarah near lost her faith she was hurt so much, but now she is ok, but feels discouraged and is finding it hard in believing God is in control and is working everything out.
    The illegitimate authority seems to be the vicar. We had a meeting with her and told her the vision we have, she rejected it and wants us to be the church caretaker and flower lady. We are still believing for a breakthrough and have been praying for a revival in the church. We now have the opportunity to start a prayer meeting.
    The generation curses over my life, is that I will always suffer with tiredness because of kidney failure when I was young, and I will never achieve anything.
    We feel that we are walking on water, having to trust the Lord with every step. We believe we are on the verge of something new but are aware there are those who are against us and look down on us. God sees what is happening. The enemy was out to destroy our lives, but God gave the victory.
    The word of prophecy you gave was accurate and very helpful and encouraging, we are waiting on the Lord now for instruction and direction on where He wants us to be. We are going to do a on line pastor training course starting next week, we feel the leading to do this.
    Thank you for your prophetic ministry and gladly accept you as prophets in our lives.
    Yours in Jesus
    Keith & Sarah Baker

  • Sarah Read says:

    Thank you for speaking into my life. The word is so encouraging at this time. I am ready to begin this new chapter. Your prophetic word from The Fathers heart, touches mine. Bless you both.

  • Rhonda K Clayton says:

    I am believing and praying for the WORD to be manifest in my life today NOW as the Father said. I have not yet seen the Lord move, but I am expecting it NOW today. Thank you Russ, & Kitty God Bless You Both!!!

  • D M says:

    The word I received through Russ and Kitty Walden was spot-on. It provided me with confirmation, direction and a strategy. I am very grateful. Bless you lots.

  • Ann-Kristin says:

    Thank you for the prophetic word. It was for me ,for this season. Thank you

  • Janet Paxton says:

    Thank you both for your ministry and thank you for the encouraging word that you sent to me. It is being used by God to keep me looking forward with our eyes on Him as we are in a waiting period in our lives. Blessings

  • John Shalom says:

    Hi Russ & Kitty, the prophetic word you gave me was accurate regarding my situation and it brought me hope regarding my situation. It was a rhema word from God. I am still navigating the course and step i am to take next and i am looking unto Jesus and that my steps will be ordered by the Lord. Your ministry has been a blessing to me and encouraged me and made me realize i was not alone and that God was backing me up and holding my hand.

    Thank you Lord !!!

  • Stephanie Elliott says:

    The prophetic word spoken over my life connected on all levels of my life. Thank you for your obedience and sending the word. I truly needed to hear from the Lord on today. I was getting ready to make some life decisions based on emotions just tired. It was especially the truth on the part about wrongfully spoken words and people leaving me on the side of the road broken down and just walk past. I am sitting in my office weeping before the Lord and thanking Him. For hearing my hearts cry and your obedience. My heart has been encouraged this day. Thank you Lord for a new season and your Favor shinning upon me. Blessing to your Family Prophet Russ and your entire staff.

  • Vanessa Klooster says:

    Thank you for this word! I have been believing for something for so long and it’s finally here!! Salvation is now! Salvation is here!! God is so good!! Thank you for being obedient to the Holy Spirit and speaking his words! I really needed this today!! Praise God forever more!!

  • a. sesay says:

    Your Word was very uplifting and encouraging.. the prophesies has already come to pass as this is already one of the best years of my life.. i have received a great miracle as god has answered my prayer

  • God’s perfect Timing !! when i was about to give up hope in the Restoration of my marriage.Prophet Russ & kitty , i cant thank you enough for replying back to my request and for having taken the time to pray for me.The message was quite a good lengthy one that i feel encouraged to read over and over.Its many things that the lord is trying to say to me and its been accurate and a confirmation to the many things i am going through now.It was edifying and lifted my spirit to thank the Lord for this marvelous word from HIM..

    Thank you so much once again!!

  • Janet Henry says:

    Yes this was accurate, calling me back to something I was unsure about and wise counselling about other areas of my life.I did find it encouraging and feel it was directing me to throw myself back into what God has asked me to do. I will however also spend a lot of time studying the word and act on it. Thankyou.

  • Nancy Hope says:

    Russ & Kitty,
    Thank you for this on time Word! I have grown in the area of the prophetic to not have to have constant words over me…to seek Him for myself and this has been good. However, there are junctions and seasons in life where we need to hear and confirm we are hearing from the Lord, and this was one of those times. Your Word from the Lord was right on, needed, and the encouragement of it is a tremendous help to my soul. The enemy has attacked me fiercely lately, but God has prevailed in my life and I look to Him and Him alone. Thank you for seeking this Word on my behalf. It speaks volumes to me! God Bless you both Always….❤️

  • Bridget says:

    Thank Russ and Kitty for the exhortation into my life. Your spoken words are the exact words I have been declaring all week. I know that He heard and answers all prayers. Spoken and unspoken . May the Father continues to edify His people, His church through you both. May He bless and keep you.

  • Veronica says:

    I received my prophetic word from Prophet Russ. I was encouraged after reading it because God knows I needed to hear those things he spoke to me, it was accurate and on time. May God continue to use you to speak into the life of those that need to hear a word from the Lord. God bless you!

  • Karen says:

    I received my prophetic word from Russ and Kitty and what a timely word from The Shepherd!! I had been praying in earnest that my faith would be increased, made steadfast and perfect in Him. Not because of my vision but in spite of it. Hard decisions had to be made that made me recoil and turned me fearful, confused and devastated. I only saw devastation yet the prodding of the Holy Spirit one day was so strong I knew I had to obey and not yield to my own misgivings. I did and WOW things happened fast!! I still “see” the forbidding darkness ahead but my faith is strengthening in the Substance! BTW The word given did not so much pertain to the request as to what has unfolded since I put in the request for a prophetic word! How faithful He is! He will answer before you ask! Thank you Lord and your servants, prophets Russ and Kitty Walden!

  • Chris YellowQuill says:

    My name is Chris YellowQuill and I am from the Long Plain First Nation community about 15 minutes south of a small City called Portage La Prairie. In the province of Manitoba. Here in Canada. I am hoping by faith as it is written in the book of Corinthians to plow in hope. This is what I am doing trying the best that I can in my life with my small business YellowQuill Enterprises. I renovate houses but my business is now broke. I need miracle money right away. I need it for other problems as well as I was in this election for the Chief position. In ecclesiastes it states in Ch 10 vs 19 A feast is made for laughter and also wine is made for marry, nd money answereth all things.

  • Ruth says:

    I had a prophetic counselling with Russ and I am so amazed at the accuracy of what he heard from the Father. It was as if he saw what I have been doing, read my thoughts, and heard the conversations I have been having with the Father. I sought the prophetic counselling because I recently took a big leap of faith and a big risk to pursue what God has placed in my heart. I wanted to know if I was on the right track. I did not tell Russ all the materials I have been working on according to the blueprint that I believe the Holy Spirit gave me. I was pleasantly surprised when Russ described these to me accurately. It was a confirmation that was so encouraging and edifying, and I felt the Father’s heart in the matter. I have been under a lot of very fierce attack from the enemy in the last few years but having now heard what God has in front for me, these distractions are not even worth mentioning so as not to give credit to the enemy. I just want to focus on what is ahead and run the race God has for me. Thank you, Russ and Kitty for your obedience to the Father and your faithfulness in ministering to us your gifts. Praying for exponential growth and blessings for your ministry. Much love, Ruth (Sydney, Australia)

  • Sheridan foody says:

    I received my prophetic word the day I also received my acceptance into the Bible college is was stepping out to attended this coming Fall. I felt the Lord tell me as I anticipated things the timing of my acceptance was crucial and What are the odds that was the email I got right after my acceptance. The word russel gave me talked about timing and later that night i even got a job offer to help for my tuition for school. The Word was beyond accurate and so encouraging into this season with the Lord!!

  • Lisa says:

    Russ & Kitty! This word came to me at the perfect time! I read it and had to re-read it sitting down. I just came out of the darkest, most painful storm of my life. I ran to Jesus and read His word….I searched for Him everywhere. I cried out to him hourly, daily, weekly, for months and now the storm has passed. Im not the same person, He made me better! Love the word from the Lord! Praise God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit!
    Blessing to you both!

  • Jamie says:

    Hi I have received a prophetic word from the prophet I truly was encouraged and it was an ontime word may god continue to use you’ll great blessings

  • Betty says:

    Dear Russ & Kitty, A very big thank you for a timely word in due season .It was indeed an accurate word from the throne of grace .And also a huge confirmation.May the good Lord bless your ministry .

  • Judy says:

    Dear Russ & Kitty, Thank you & Bless you so much for the prophetic word from the Father for me. I was amazed at the accuracy of your prophecy. It was as if you knew me, & about my life situations. I felt the Lord saying that there was nothing amazing about it because it is true! (True prophets prophecy the truth) I Thank, Praise & Worship Our Heavenly Father & give Him all the Glory! Bless you all at Fathers Heart Ministry for your ‘willing hearts & obedient spirits.’

  • LORI says:

    I received my personal prophetic word from Louise on March 19. It was an encouraging and comforting word that also confirmed some things I had been seeking the Lord for in direction as to how to pray. Thank you for your ministry! It is powerful and such a blessing in my life!

  • Myrna says:

    I am so grateful Russ, Kitty and Rose for your ministry and the personal prophetic word I received from you on April 17, 2018. It amazes me how The Lord confirms the words He has spoken directly to my heart. It is very encouraging to know God will open doors and bring me out of the desert I am going through and lead me to the land of milk and honey. So glad to know He has a perfect plan for me, even thou I knew that; but this plan He is shown me thru your prophetic word is more specific. Thank you God for this great ministry. May you pour your abundant blessings over Russ and Kitty and everyone who works with them.
    To God be the glory. Shalom.

  • Mary Kay Grant says:

    I received a Prophetic word from your Intern, Aaron and I found it to be very touching and helpful. It was amazing how it spoke to the situations I had been praying about. Aaron has the prophetic gifting and is so encouraging. Thank you very much. I will mail a gift o the Ministry.

  • Patrick says:

    A while back Russ posted a video which spoke about touching the hem of His garment. I was sat at my desk in the office listening to the message. At one point Russ said to touch the screen and that God was making contact. So I touched the screen, and had a touch from God. I left the office quickly forgetting about this experience. Now bearing in mind that at that point I was a lukewarm believer at the very best. However something stirred in my spirit. I was at unease about my life. The question that kept on plagueing me was: “If you die today, where will you spend eternity”. Fast forward a couple of weeks and as I was praying and seeking God I was confronted by the Holy Spirit like never before. The Spirit broke through each and every deception that I had allowed the enemy to preach to me. Overnight God broke down each and every argument I had and I was confronted by the word of God. My walk with God was restored, moments of intimacy with Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit followed. God humbled me before him, and I praise His holy name that he brought me to that junction. If I had to trace it back, it all started from that video clip. I’m still dealing with the fallout of my prodigal years – but I count it all for naught, for I know my Redeemer lives and like that old hymn says – He touched me. Oh, he touched me, and oh the joy that fills my soul. Something wonderful happened and now I know, He touched me and made me whole! Praise be to Jesus.

    • Dreaner Alexander says:

      Thanks for the prohetic word which i received it was so accurate and on point with what is taking place in my life presently. Dreaner Alexander Trinidad West Indies

  • Katie says:

    I am SO grateful for the prophetic word you spoke into my situation regarding my relationship. I have been waiting for over 2 years for restoration. Your word of NO MORE DELAYS, what is to come and that the timing is NOW is so encouraging. I am believing and stand in agreement that we will be restored, reawakened and reconciled due to my standing in the gap for him. I am bringing to pass My forever promise in your situation RIGHT NOW. The time of waiting and the time of longing is over and you are being brought into your NOW season. Thank you,THank you Thank you!!! I look forward for HUGE praise report to be forth coming. Thank you for all that you do for all of us. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

  • Donna Winckler says:

    Thank you, thank you, your words that I received today, were so encouraging and hopeful to me, after being is such a long, long time of feeling like nothing will ever change. Hope deferred, has not been changed to HOPE FULL!

  • Martha Jackson says:

    Martha Jackson says: I have looked forward every morning reading your word that you so faithfully give each day. But for the last week I have not received any words. I pray all is well with you. Love your ministry!

  • Eelco says:

    On the 26th of april I received a prophetic word from the Lord through Russ. It is accurate for the situation I am in, and I am very curious to see how it will come to pass. As the prophetic word says ‘You shall go out with joy and be let forth with peace’ and I will try that.

  • Lakesha Crawford says:

    I received an awesome prophetic word from Prophet Russ! It was timely, accurate, encouraging, uplifting and confirming. God bless u!

  • Hie,I have receive a prophetic message, it was accurate, exactly what am passing through now, may to continue praying for me. it is my wish to donate to the Ministry but due to lack of funds i may not afford but i look forward to your help until am financially stable and begin donating.
    Thanks for the massage of hope which will bring change to my life and i thank God for this prophetic words.

  • Donna Winckler says:

    Hi, I had left a prophetic request on April 10th, and I am hoping you received it…sometimes my computer can be a little unreliable…thank you!

  • Sylvie says:

    I had a Prophetic Counselling session with Russ recently. Honestly it was one of the best spiritual experiences I’ve ever had as a believer (40 years walking with the Lord to date!)
    I have come away with very clear direction, which means I can pursue with confidence exactly what God has ahead for me. Now, instead of wasting time and resources pursuing things that would have been OK to do, now I can focus my efforts on pursuing God’s very best for me. I have more faith and confidence to reach much higher levels in God now, as a result of the encouragement and prophetic insight I received.
    As far as value goes, I’ve paid $100-$150 for regular (secular) Counselling sessions over the years, and I’d swap 10 of those sessions for an hour of prophetic counselling without thinking twice. God’s word and rhema give genuine breakthrough! Priceless. My advice to you, don’t hesitate for a moment.
    My next appointment is already booked! I’m having it as my birthday present. I can’t think of a better gift!

  • IRIS A says:

    I had a prophetic counselling session with Prophet Russ, not quite sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at how natural but powerful it was for me. It confirmed prophetic words I had been previously received. I had been thinking that i was back -sliding because of the season I am in so the word was timely and extremely encouraging. I have been so blessed by what the Lord did through Russ and the Father’s Heart Ministry. May you be blessed richly

  • I received a Prophetic Word from your intern Stacy, and The Prophetic Word was straight from The Fathers Throneroom of Grace! A Rhema Word… Words of Accuracy! Hallelujah!!! I thank God for Stacy and Fathers Heart Ministry! Praise God! Thank You so much for being an instrument and profound tool that has been orchrastrated from Our Sovereign God!
    Kingdom Blessings!!!

  • Shelby K. says:

    Through this ministry and “Prophetic Counseling” the Lord has literally saved my life and He can do the same for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I was obedient to do the words from the prophet; God would give me more!
    God started to give me “Words of Wisdom & Words of Knowledge” and I would obey them. Some of this would come in the night and I would know; that I know ,that I know, what the Lord wanted me to do and I would run out and do it the next morning! God bless Prophet Russell Walden; his prophetic words are the real thing! I know because I have literally staked my life on them and walked them out; and am still doing so!
    God let me in on what the enemy was doing behind my back ; through this ministry, (so that he could deliver me from the plans of the enemy).
    I don’t even want to think of where I would be if I hadn’t valued the prophetic and connected myself to this ministry!
    It all started for me when I took a prophetic class from this ministry; and I thank God that I did . :)
    The Lord has also used this ministry to interpret the dreams he has given me along the way. :)
    If God is doing all of this for me; I am sure that he will do it for you too, I am no one special.


  • Jovita says:

    I was pleasantly surprised to receive a prophetic word from Prophet Russ and Kitty. I have requested for a dream interpretation but got a double-blessing instead. The words aptly describe my current situation and what has happened before in my life. I thank God that the words of wisdom tell me I’m going to reap the blessings for the seeds I have sown in times past. God is good! Thank you, Prophet Russ and Kitty for allowing yourself to be used of God in the prophetic ministry.

  • Karen Jones says:

    I received a prophetic word from Prophet Russ. It was very biblical, encouraging and uplifting. It was
    instructive and goes a long with what I have been reading.
    Thank you, Russ!

  • Samantha Hoffman says:

    I just received my prophetic word and it couldn’t have been more on point than it was. I have had others speak to me about the same things and it was just another confirmation for me in my current life and in my future. I know God is faithful to answer prayers and He will answer mine. I will not fear and I will believe! Thank you Lord and thank you Prophet Russ for being faithful!

  • Carrol Mooney says:

    My was very surprised to see this on my email list, but it was wonderful. Don’t remember asking a question. I’m 85 , look in 60’s so Farther God has renewed my youth, think and talk young. I’ll receive
    The Prophetic word much He has already expressed in my heart. Support will come as Father directs me,He is my Lord and husband.

  • Jeanne says:

    I received a very timely prophetic word and have been praying into it. Thank you also for the daily prophetic words on The Father Says Today – they often speak to me.
    Blessings !

  • Catrina King says:

    I just want to say how much I appreciate your ministry and how much I appreciate the dedication, work,and time that everyone in this Ministry puts into the Father’s Heart to help get the Word of the Father to His children. And how much it truly helps me to hear the Father through the prophetic word that is given to you for me. Thank you, and I love you Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Amen :)

  • Amy says:

    Russ and Kitty I just received the prophetic word that the Father had given you for my life and let me say I was in awe and tears at the accuracy of this word . Some of the exact words that the Father spoke to you was and has been the very same thing that He has spoke to me . As I was reading this word I felt the love of the Lord Jesus Christ come over me . I have got prophetic words in the past from people but this time it was much different . The time and the care that flowed through this was truly amazing . It was something that only the Father could give . I truly thank God for this ministry and for the encouragement that not only I got today but also through the daily prophetic word that you all send out by email. It always encourages me to keep pressing in .
    I will be supporting this ministry every month because of the help, encouragement , and love that you all have for Gods people . What a blessing you have been to me.
    Much love to you all in Jesus name.

    • Audrey J Brown says:

      I am so thankful for the word I just received. It is confirmation and definitely on point. I am going through the hardest time and have adversarial against me on all sides. I am definitely relying on God totally and this word was so right on.

    • Michael Hogg says:

      Thank you Russ for sharing what the Lord laid upon your heart for me. I shall take all these matters into consideration and weigh them carefully. Bless you and Kitty for your ministry.

    • Zose says:

      I thank God for you Russ and Kitty.

      The word of prophecy you gave me is true to my life. I have done mistakes in the past but now am encouraged to forgive myself and others as am forgiven by God. I have to move forward in the name of Jesus Christ. You PROPHESIED ABOUT MY DEAD BACK COMING BACK TO LIFE and it is true as in 2014 January I was injured at work and sustained back pains since but I believe am healed in Jesus Christ.

      Thank you and God BLESS you in the name of JESUS CHRIST.


    • Lydia says:

      Thank you fornthe prophetic word. I was very encouraged. God’s blessing for you and your ministry.

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