Anyone can Praise their own Ministry but the True Credibility of a Prophetic Ministry is Reflected in the Reports of Breakthrough and Blessing in the lives of those they touch.

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This is our Current Feedback page. The testimonial page gets so many comments it is awkward to use! (Thanks to all those who have taken the time to share their feedback on the prophetic words they receive. To look at those archived testimonies CLICK HERE for 2016 Responses and before or HERE for 2017.

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Prophetic Counseling Feedback:

I can’t even begin to tell you how instrumental Father’s Heart Ministry has been in pulling me up and out of the stuck place that I was in for years. I promise you, if you get serious with God, He will get serious with you. I have received many words of prophecy in the past but didn’t have the wisdom and the knowledge to walk it out. A direction was lacking. Prophetic Counseling was the way that God truly got me up and going. You will receive the wisdom and knowledge that you need to be able to walk out the plan of God for your life. ~ S.W. – Tennessee.


Personal Prophecy Feedback:

Praise God Kitty and Russ! You gave me a Prophetic word back in April 2017, that this season was my time and that I would start hearing the sound of “provision”/increase. Well after working less than one month on a new job I was promoted to an entirely new position, and after five months total, I was promoted again within the same title with a $7,000 increase in pay effective 9-1-17! I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness and looking forward to all he is going to do for his people!! Halelulia! Thanks for being a true prophet!!! In his grace, Desiree..”



  • Juliet Nyaribi says:

    Dear Russ and kitty,
    Thank you for responding to my prayer request,I have received it with tears of satisfaction that the Lord has already answered my prayers.I fill over shadowed by the Holy spirit even as i write back to you.Believing God for the best ever

  • Chase says:

    Dear Russ and Kitty,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to pray for me, and hear from the Lord about my situation. You were definitely accurate and was very encouraging for me. Again, thanks so much for you and your ministry. I look forward to hearing more from you!

  • Sonia says:


    All i said was that i was at a crossroad and needed direction and confirmation. What you responded could only have been truly from God Himself, because you said things that only God would have known regarding my situation. Thank you so much. The word spoke to the inner recesses of my heart and gave me hope once again that God is, and always has been, in control of my life. Praise the Lord. Absolutely blown away by the Father’s love for me.

  • Linda Anderson says:

    Thankyou so very much…..I will be sending my donation by mail at the end of the month…..I am so grateful…I truly needed to hear a positive Word from God……I was in a bit of warfare and questioning everything and really needed to hear soomething of value to get me back on track…..blessings and gratitude … hugs…Linda

  • mnyayiza says:

    I am eternally greatful to Russ and Kitty for providing me with this prophetic word. Just two days later, the word i was given started manifesting in the physical, and that word is my true destiny and cslling which i have been waiting my whole life for. May God richly bless your ministry. Thank you.

  • A.G. says:

    Greetings Russ – Your response to my request was apropos and accurate. Your reply resuscitated my inner man greatly. Foresight and encouragement left no more uncertainty to linger anymore.
    Thanks, Russ!

  • Galina says:

    I have received my prophecy on May 23, but only today I’ve managed to check my spam folder and look for it there. The words are quite accurate. Uplifting and confirming. I am just writing to let you know that you indeed hear the Holy Spirit.
    Glory to God.

  • Francisca says:

    Thank you for the Prophetic word. I am so happy, and I feel blessed. Every word is accurate, a reflection of the happenings in my life. I know that, the spoken word of God never returns void, it only returns after, it has accomplished, what it was meant to accomplish – Amen.

  • Sharon says:

    Wow!I am so amazed at how God has used you man and woman of God to speak into my life,with such accuracy.The Word I got from you was to the point.I am coming from a season I was harrased spiritually and felt like I had been in a long season of battle for more than 6 years..And this Word you gave me,Felt Like A Fire,Saying ,”Its Over!”It Was accurate,and it gave me direction, with regards to my gifts,and concerning how I should respond to certain situations right now.It was so clear! And I felt Like God saying ,”You are mine,and nothing will touch you..”I am so grateful,that you took your time to respond, Wow!

  • SC says:

    Thank you Prophet Russ for praying for me and hearing from God to encourage me in this time in my life. From the moment I read the first sentence I knew I was going to read and run into so much of what God intended me to take hold of as I kept reading. It was timely. It was accurate. It gave me courage. And I was sure it was Jesus who provided that word for me. Each new paragraph added a level of insight and Spirit-led direction that gave witness to what I feel is on the horizon in my life.. The word was so right, I had to scratch my head, how? But I know it was the Lord of Hosts – who uses His vessel to spur believers on in the faith. What a weighty, encouraging, season-relevant word I’ve received. Amen and Amen!

  • Shelby K. says:

    All I can say is,” God Bless Father’s Heart Ministry and Russ & Kitty Walden”. The LORD has used this ministry mightily to rescue me from a bad situation and to put me on the path of blessings and freedom.
    The LORD has confirmed his word (the prophetic word) given through Prophet Russell Walden many times over as I have walked this thing out in my life. I am no longer in the stuck place. I now truly know the direction for my life and am working tward that.
    God has put the right people in my life to help me and I thank God for this; I never could have done any of this without God and Father’s Heart Ministry. GOD IS IN THIS PLACE!

  • Thank You Prophet Russ and Kitty. The personal prophecy you gave was very powerfully timely that really helped me with the decisions that I need to make for the next season of my life. God bless you and your ministry richly.

  • Randy says:

    Blessings on you, Russ and Kitty Walden! On 5/16 I sought a prophetic word from the LORD through the prophetic office of you both on this website. On 5/21, Russ responded…and I had to read the word 3 times to rake through the breadth and depth of it before it all really hit me. My wife and i were, and still are, in awe. You never know just how the LORD will answer; and we were, not to cheapen it, but absolutely ROCKED…as we sat considering the prophetic words we had just read as we both sat in tears of joy and awe, the Holy Spirit reminded me of Jeremiah 33:3 the scripture “Ask of me and I will show you great and mighty things…” Yes and AMEN, you did that LORD and then some. So many confirmations, encouragement, direction, so many things that are personally applicable, and so many levels of content that we are still mining the riches shared from the Throne of God. I don’t say that lightly. These two vessels, Russ and Kitty, were simply the method of delivery I was clearly directed by the Holy Spirit to seek. Father thank you for answering, and God BLESS YOU, Russ and Kitty. THANK YOU.

  • Betty Aina says:

    Thank you Prophet Russ and Kitty .Am always blessed by your timely and accurate prophesy .The word of the Lord was exact.Always looking forward to hearing from the miminstry.Glad to be part of the ministry .

    Sister Betty Aina.

  • Lolita says:

    Greetings! Praise GOD for the love and passion in the hearts of Russ and Kitty Walden. I am truly grateful for the prophetic word that I received. FATHER keeps on showing HIMSELF faithful! We are all so lovingly blessed! The WORD that was spoken came straight from the THRONE ROOM OF FATHER. In the midst of what we think is a trail is a call for a spiritual lens transformation. What a blessing, privilege, and honor to be born into the KINGDOM OF GOD!


  • Dean says:

    Thank you Russ and Kitty, I found the prophetic word written was accurate, the word shed light on various issues in my life that brought clarity and comfort and gave me a better understanding of my circumstances.

  • kiti mwauso chigiri says:

    May i thank you prophets Russ and Kitty for prophesying to me. Your word of prophesy has actually put great light into my life and really encouraged me. I will work on it with renewed energy and vitality. It really could not have come at a better time than this when i needed it most. God bless you and the entire Father’s Heart Ministry. may he strengthen more and more and glory be to him.

  • Terri says:

    Thank you Prophet Russ for going to God on my behalf. It is specific to my needs and timely. How heart warming, how powerful just to know the Father’s heart. In agreement with the Lord will honor and declare these words. Definitely words of edification, exhortation, and comfort. Thank you for this ministry where I have begun to learn and recognize the voice of God, so like is says in Isaiah 40:1 Comfort, comfort my people says your God!

  • Agnes says:

    Dear Russ and Kitty, I am grateful to God and to you that you have given yourself away to be a blessing to so many through the the prophetic gift entrusted to you. The prophetic word you spoke over my life recently was accurate, edifying and hope-giving. I read it daily since I received it and I’m seeing part of it happening right now in my life and confident that God will bring to pass every word of it because it is yes and amen. Thank you for blessing me in this way and more grace to you as you serve in faithfulness. I love you both!!

  • Sheila says:

    Thank you Prophet Russ and Kitty for seeking God on my behalf. The word of the Lord that was given to me was what I needed to hear. It confirmed, comforted and truly encouraged me. That word has re-lit the light upon my pathway. I am thankful indeed. Really, truly grateful. I will continue to pray and begin to sow into the work the Lord has called you unto, to strengthen your hands. Blessings be multiplied to you both.

  • Joyce says:

    Wow. Thank you Kitty and Russ Walden for the prophetic word. It confirmed the passion and calling that God has placed in my life and in my heart. It provided comfort, and it was very encouraging and exposed what the enemy was trying to do as I have prayed that God the Father would reveal and expose the enemy. Moreover, the message filled me with a sense of peace. Thank you for the accurate and timely, and prompt prophetic word. I didn’t expect to receive a message back so soon. Thank you for glorify God the Father. God bless you and this ministry. All glory to God! :)

  • Nancy Hope says:

    I received a prophetic Word today unexpectedly and was amazed at the Father’s love for me….I am facing surgery in two days, and though I know and declare God’s goodness and faithfulness to me, He gave me a big dose of His amazing love for me even unasked….he truly is my Husband..Isaiah 54:5
    Bless you Prophet Russ and Kitty for seeking the Lord on my behalf. Glory!

  • Susie says:

    Thank you Prophet Russ, for your prophecies word declared over my life. Surely the Word of the Lord has been spoken by the mouth of the Prophet to bring relief, inspiration and hope to my present circumstances to elevate me to a higher place in Christ! Thank you Lord for your faithful love towards me and the fulfillment of this word. I receive it in Jesus name!

  • Gary McGuire says:

    Praise God for the word of the Lord from you! This is right on time. God is planning on doing a great work in Central Texas and I feel as tho I am right in the middle of it and, leading the way! We are just waiting on God to supply some things and we are off and running. God has a great work to do here to win souls but also the five fold ministry!!! There is nothing here in the area that has all the gifts of the spirit working and we want to be the ones to lead the way!!! Praise God Thanks Again for this great word!

  • Christine Holmes says:

    I received a prophetic word on Monday from Russ and Kitty. Thank you so much. The word has confirmed the things that God has put on my heart. it also has been such an encouragement for me regarding my vision for my life and I am so at peace now in the direction God has me going. I am so thankful to Russ and Kitty. God bless you.

  • Caleb says:

    I received my prophetic word and it brought me a lot of joy. Things were pointed out about my life that I was not aware of. It was accurate and on time. Thank you so much.

  • Janet Klein says:

    I received a prophetic word today from Prophets Russ & Kitty Walden, and I want to say that it was right on with what I have been going through! Thank you so much for the encouraging word from God! I am stepping out now in the calling and the vision that God has placed in my heart, and I know i will be met with God’s favor, and His supply! Praise God! Amen! I am so thankful for the blessed word that I received! God bless you Prophets Russ & Kitty Walden!

  • Kennedy says:

    God is indeed keen to fulfil His word. The prophecy I have just received matches every other word the Lord has spoken about my situation. He is God. What He has promised, He will deliver. Expect testimony.

  • Lori says:

    Thank you Russell and Kitty for the word I received today. It is an accurate word in my life and hs ecourged me greatly. Now to step out….

  • Mikki says:

    They spoke a word over my life that was spot on confirmation of where I am right now! I look forward to this shift and the ability to come under the mentorahip of this team! A trusted Sister referred me and I am bleesed for the obedience to reach out and hear the Lord through this ministry team! Thank you so much for the gift of God in you to encourage me in this journey!! I give all the glory to God!!

  • carilyn says:

    Accurate in at least 7 specific ways that speak directly to a present and challenging situation. Felt encouraged after reading this. Thank you, Lord, for the ministry of prophetic words! Thank you, Russell and Kitty, for your faithfulness to God in building up his people.

  • Sandra Lee Huskelhus says:

    Wow…. How God is so GOOD. I didn’t believe I had completed my request for a personal prophecy MONTHS AGO but yet it arrived the day after I had told God I really need a Word from Him. Only God can do that. Your ministry has blessed me in every way since I have had the pleasure of knowing about you. Your Words are powerful and accurate. Not sugar coated but even with the necessary spanking that I so deserve sometimes. I am truly grateful for all you do. I only wish I could bless you more

  • Osaro Eguavoen says:

    Thank you man of God ,I am very excited to hear the voice of the Lord from you,I receive all the prophetic message, I now have a rest of mind that the lord is fighting for me,and all he has for me in the near future, thank you very much

  • Eelco says:

    The word I received from Russell and Kitty today, May 21, wasn’t entirely the answer that I was hoping for. But it felt very encouraging and uplifting in the situation that I am in today, and for a long time. Thank you Lord for using Russell and Kitty to speak to me.

  • I received a prophetic word and I am in total agreement with what it said. I have had some trying situations and I have been believing for God to move on my behalf. The words are so encouraging and enlightening and I am thankful to have received them.

  • betty says:

    Thank you for your ministry. Receiving a word from the Lord means more to me than I can say. Today I was in a dark place with condemnation and discouragement .I had been checking daily for my word to come and today was the day. The darkness was lifted and I was blessed and encouraged. Thank you so much and God bless all of you prophets.

  • Linda says:

    Praise God for the prophetic words you spoke over my life. I am moving forward in God’s power and His word spoken over me is true. My calling as a missionary to the nations is coming to pass. Thank you Russ and Kitty for your ministry. You have truly inspired me with the prophecy and I am eternally grateful.

  • Desmond Israel says:

    Thank you prophet Russell and kitty you seeking of the father has guaranteed me victory over the devil in my home town I have been sent by the Lord to free the captives and ignite the spark of the gospel that will burn though out the city and bring salvation to lost and set them free as well as banishing the enemy from my town I have lead a charge for almost 2 years now and your word from the lord is 100% true and accurate the lord using me will terminate the enemies position in this territory. And my home town will be a safe haven for the body of Christ in the last days. I will request of your word in the future and I am giving you my tithe. God bless you.

  • Okot Joe says:

    Many thanks you are really true prophets of God i can see favor and victory I had pressure& threats of my life from the enemy from 2016 up to 2107. Surely God is on my side because i can see changes come my way. am now waiting for my Promotion& increase as revealed . May God do abundantly for the prophets and the Father’s Heart Ministry

  • Dejoria or DJ says:

    Hi Russ and Kitty!!! It’s may 21st and this morning I got a prophetic word from you and my life was changed, and I grew deeper in love for Jesus and I am sure that he truly loves me and has an amazing plan for my life. The things I have prayed for in regards to Jesus removing the distractions from me so I could be free to go after him with abandon, keeping my family protected as well as myself, and to act now on what he has called me to do along with so much more were prophesied to me by Russ , and I am so confident in my place in Jesus heart. Thank you for going after God to change lives, and I hope when I do the same in the future that I can be apart of this amazing ministry.
    Over the past year and a half, I was going through some VERY tough times and I was in a dark place and getting my daily prophetic messages helped me to over time understand the love that god had for me and how he consistently keeps his mind on me. And thanks to this ministry I had a light shining on me from that dark place.I now am such a strong woman of God and I want everyone to experience the hope that I have in Jesus. Thank you again Russ and Kitty for being there for me when I had no one else during that dark time and for speaking into me and encouraging me. Thank you !!!

  • Samantha says:

    Wow your personal prophesie from Russ and Kitty hit the nail on the head thank you so much for your email the timing couldn’t of bin more perfect if you tried.
    Sat up the hospital with my poorly boy trying to get his fits under control again was hard I honestly thought I was sinking and his was no were to be seen in the storm we were going through then I revive your email and I am reassured and now that god has got this and I need to trust in him.
    Thank you so much for all the work you do and God bless you

  • Kay miller says:

    Thank you for the word that I recieved from u it helped me alot with some of my worries.

  • Monique Hulzebos says:

    I am very blessed with the personal prophesie from Russ and Kitty.It is a confirmation of words dat God spoke to me. It is very clear and encouraging and leads me to find my my first love back that I lost because of many dissapointments and hurts.I have started to read whole chapters in the bible and seeking God and to be determined not to be distracted any more. Thank you and God bless you

  • Charlene Louw says:

    Prophets Russ & Kitty Walden have since my request sent 2 Prophetic Words ..the 1st 1 I only saw few days later..I was not even aware of it..& it was SO Accurate! The 2nd came twice on the 19th & me that was Double Confirmation!! I have been blessed by this Father’s Heart Ministry for so long…I am definitely sowing into this ministry! I am from South Africa & till recently just did not know how to sow into international ministries..the funds were not there either..But Recently Father just opened that Gate..& I Know that I Know.. Partnering with This Ministry will open the Prophetic floodgates & covering over me. Remain Blessed Highly Anointed of The Most High God!

  • Olivia Baldonado says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to ask the Lord of me. I have received two prophetic words from you!! And they really hit home. They were very needed!! The second one I received was a total suprise. I am so grateful for then and you as well! They give me strength and direction for my situation right now. They uplift me and give me hope that the Lord is surely and wonderfully on my side and that Im headed the right direction. They give me much needed snippets of my future as well as my present and that is priceless in my life right now and as a new christian. The words have brought me low and give me joy. They also instill a greater Holy reverence for the Lord. I can now continue to move forward knowing the Lord is my safety net and keeping the vision for my life alive with His living and loving waters. Thank you sooo much. I will be forever grateful and cant wait to meet you all one day in heaven! :0D

  • Rebecca says:

    Hello, I received a Word from Russ .. I don’t know where to start but your Word was on point. I have been distracted for months now. I am stun by the words “natural supply” because what I’m doing or seeing natural supply of body vitamins to help me change also in my physical walk so I can stay energized. I refuse to be weak for the enemy. I am saying I am ready because Holy Spirit is my Leader. When you said Healing is in my house, I know it’s in my heart also and in my home people come in and tells me it’s cozy and sometimes I do pray for others for Healing in my home, I am in Healing Ministry. I am encouraged by the Words, thank you so much! Blessings, I receive it, Rebecca

  • Lisa Miller says:

    I received a Word from Russ and Kitty that was very encouraging! I had thought I knew what I wanted to hear from the Lord, but He had a different Word that concerned another area of my life and it brought much freedom! God always knows what we need to hear at that time! It’s a blessing to have such beautiful vessels that the Lord can speak through! God bless and THANK YOU!

  • Denise says:

    The word I received was extremely timely and accurate. It has changed my outlook and reassured me that my Father God is watching over me and how much He loves me.

  • The Daily word I receive through Russ and Kitty is a confirmation, the word is preparing me, encouraging me and as I read everyday the word will also make me have faith in my work with God for what is to come I thank God for Russ and Kitty for blessing me through the word. Amen

  • Charmaine Frisch says:

    The word I received from Russ & Kitty Walden couldn’t have come at a better time. I was truly blessed. Thank you for taking the time to inquire of God on my behalf. God Bless you, Char

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