Anyone can Praise their own Ministry but the True Credibility of a Prophetic Ministry is Reflected in the Reports of Breakthrough and Blessing in the lives of those they touch.

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This is our Current Feedback page. The testimonial page gets so many comments it is awkward to use! (Thanks to all those who have taken the time to share their feedback on the prophetic words they receive. To look at those archived testimonies CLICK HERE for 2016 Responses and before or HERE for 2017.

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Prophetic Counseling Feedback:

I can’t even begin to tell you how instrumental Father’s Heart Ministry has been in pulling me up and out of the stuck place that I was in for years. I promise you, if you get serious with God, He will get serious with you. I have received many words of prophecy in the past but didn’t have the wisdom and the knowledge to walk it out. A direction was lacking. Prophetic Counseling was the way that God truly got me up and going. You will receive the wisdom and knowledge that you need to be able to walk out the plan of God for your life. ~ S.W. – Tennessee.


Personal Prophecy Feedback:

Praise God Kitty and Russ! You gave me a Prophetic word back in April 2017, that this season was my time and that I would start hearing the sound of “provision”/increase. Well after working less than one month on a new job I was promoted to an entirely new position, and after five months total, I was promoted again within the same title with a $7,000 increase in pay effective 9-1-17! I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness and looking forward to all he is going to do for his people!! Halelulia! Thanks for being a true prophet!!! In his grace, Desiree..”



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  • Patrice Gray says:

    I am grateful to God for the prophetic word and the men and women that labored on my behalf. The word didn’t resonate immediately but as the months moved forward I went back to the prophetic word and I begin to see the prophetic word in action. Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless His Holy name. Bless the all the staff and intercessors and the Body of Christ.

  • Dr. Greg Gerrie says:

    How the Lord spoke through Tim was incredibly precise, timely and needed in order to understand where I am moving with the Lord. The military gets satellite and other intel and this is that X100. So happy and excited to work with the King of Kings…and Father’s Heart Ministry. Dr. G

  • Chelsea Woodard says:

    Praise God for the prophetic word spoken over my life by Pastors Russ and Kitty.Confirmation and on time word.Thank you for being the prophets in my life.

  • Evangelina Font says:

    thank you for my prophetic word, it was just amazing to hear the Love of God through his servants, May the Lord continue blessing this ministry exceedingly and abundantly in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

  • Sally Super says:

    Thank you so much for the Word of the Lord for me. It was right on, just what I needed to hear. Thank you so much!!

  • Yvon says:

    Dear Prophet Russ,

    Thank you immensely for my prophetic word. It couldn’t be more accurate and it provided the direction I needed. I can’t thank you enough for being a great blessing to me and I remain most grateful. Please accept my sincere thanks.

  • Yvy says:

    Thank you so much for the prophetic word from your team. It was spot on and lifted my spirit!

  • Padmanabhan Loganathan says:

    Praise THE LORD. I received my prophecy and I thank you so much to have received the WORD OF THE LORD on my behalf. I am waiting for THE LORD’S WORD to be fulfilled. Thank you again

  • Ed Brecht says:

    I appreciate the follow up regarding my requested prophetic word since then a cruise line has sent me an offer letter, it is international cruise line there is a lot of government paperwork involved, I would like to request additional PRAYERS for the PAPERWORK PROCESSES TO MOVE QUICKLY IN JESUS NAME AND ALSO THAT I GET PROMOTED QUICKLY WITH THIS CRUISE LINE I AM STARTING OUT AS A WAITER THANK YOU TO THIS MINISTRY FOR PRAYINGS AND SUPPORT AND MOST IMPORTANT JESUS GOD HOLY SPIRIT.

  • Debbie Bain says:

    Thank you for that on time Word!!

  • Sandra Farney says:

    Excellent word from the Lord. I really believe you folks hear from God and speak clearing a prophetic word in this season of time.

  • jamelee thompson says:

    Thank you for such a profound word

  • Brenda says:

    Thank you for the word I received . The wisdom word that I received from you specifically that I had prayed to God for something specific and what you gave me was the answer specifically for what I had prayed God for. Also, the prayer that I made for my daughter was answer concerning exactly that was occurring in her life. Finally, you gave me a word of physical healing which I received with praise and faith, after that my health is improving miraculously . Thank God for this amazing ministry.

  • Belinda says:

    Yes, I did receive my prophetic word and it was very on point. I thank God for your ministry

  • Bud Stilwell says:

    Thank you for such a timely word!

  • Cathy says:

    Hi. Yes, I did receive a word from you. Thank you so much for it! It’s still a little early to have seen it come to pass yet, but my spirit bears witness that it is a right on word. Thank you again, and may God bless your ministry richly!

  • Wendy Triebernig says:

    Thank you for the Prophetic word you spoke over my life! One of the areas you spoke of was restoration and since the word was sent out to me a few months ago I have seen restoration in relationships and even restoration in my Marriage! I have prayed many years for breakthrough and have now had the breakthrough I’ve been praying for! Thank you for sowing into my life! I’ve sown into your Ministry because I believe it’s good ground! The word you spoke ministered to me thank you!!!

  • Mary says:

    Thank you very much Father’s Heart and your team. You are truly men of God, as if you are living with me. I cant wait to read the messages you send to me everyday. My prayer is, God should continue to anoint you to help people like us. May the Almighty God bless you for the good job you are doing. AMEN,

  • Luis says:

    Good afternoon,

    Praise God for using you as his vessel. The word i received was a balm to my soul. I have treasured it and read it every time i need encouragement. May God continue to use you greatly and bless your ministry abundantly!

  • Olawoyin says:

    Thank you very much for your time. I am encouraged.


  • RONNA KEANE says:

    Thank you for such a timely word!

  • Evadne Davis says:

    I have been blessed immensely by the prophetic word. I have noticed changes in many areas of my life. Had to leave my congregation, but because of the word, I am confident. I am anticipating changes in my marriage also financial situation. God bless you abundantly. Dealing with Menieres which is difficult, but I praise God that I have been able to cope better because of the word. Yahweh bless you both.

  • Douglas Andersen says:

    Thank you for your words from the LORD. I try to read them daily. sometimes I have trouble understanding them.

  • Richard Morgan says:

    This prophetic word is so in line with everything Ive sensed the Father’s been wanting to do in my life…Thank you,and God bless!

  • Vernetta says:

    I was encouraged by the word given. Thanks God bless.

  • Aaron S. says:

    Hi team, I received a word recently and was greatly encouraged. Although it hasn’t come to pass, I am looking at it as a preceding word and again, very encouraged. Aaron S.

  • Caleb says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time out to give me my prophetic word. I found the word to be very encouraging and essential for the season I am in. It also gave me hope for the future. May God bless you abundantly.

  • Simon John says:

    Ooh yes I am Simon John from Nigeria, I have received your Prophetic words and I am waiting for the manifestation of the words. I shall testify soonest by God grace.

  • Masala Maurice says:

    This is God and not many as my life is daily been uplifted. The word is always precise am indeed blessed thank you

  • Kalunda Hilton says:

    Thank God for the prophetic word! It’s always encouraging. The prophetic word is Always on time. Thank God for Nadine Venus, God used her to minister to me.

  • David says:

    I was encourage and looking to see the God move . Isaiah 55. His word will not return void.

  • Mary Wikstrom says:

    The words confirmed what I have been sensing for some time & are a encouragement to press in. Thank you.

  • Judy says:

    Hello: yes Thank you I received the prophetic word for 2020. I’m still waiting for the 2019 word to come to pass.. god bless 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Patricia I Woolfolk says:

    Hello ! Greeting in the Name of our lord “Jesus” . I have been like for gotten my my children and me and my husband are minsters and We true love God with our everything.and we love people.. I Was shock that we gave until we ran out.and people left us abandon forgotten.they turn there they couldn’t help us..but we are trusting in the lord and the word thanks for sent emails.

  • Tina Edward says:

    I thank God and appreciate Prophet Russ and Kitty Walden for their time and love over us. I requested a prophecy and recently it was delivered in such a specific way that i rededicated my life back to God and using those prophetic words to pray until i see it’s manifest.
    Prsy that God strengthens you and all FHM crews. I will continue to support FHM

    God bless you.

  • Elizabeth says:

    My prophetic words from Prophet Russ has been specific, concise and encouraging. I have gone through alot. I almost gave up and those much needed words restored my strength to stay focused on Jesus and his plan for my life, for his Glory. We are in a dark time, where we need it more then ever and remember that we are the light needed today. God Bless All

  • Kirt Walbrink says:

    Thank you for the word given to me. I am beginning to see the word spoken start coming to pass. The word was very direct and accurate.

    Thanks so much

  • Victor says:

    I’m blessed by the prophetic anointing. Peace is what I get.

  • Olawole Oni says:

    Thanks for the prophetic word, it’s right on point. Glory to Jesus

  • Cari says:

    Dear Russ and Kitty, thank you so much for your prophetic word over my life. I receive it all wholeheartedly!! It resonates with what has already been placed in my heart by the Holy Spirit. I receive my husband! I receive my new position! I receive my new job! I receive all that God has for me and I am ready and willing and I say yes and Amen!! God bless you both. Cari Behan

  • I received 2 prophetic words and both of them was very encouraging. Thank you very much for taking the time to go before the Lord on my behalf. I received the word that was prophetically spoken from both prophets and I will do my best to keep it before me as not to forget what was spoken.

  • Cheryl Tackett says:

    Praise the Lord this prophecy is such a blessing. Thank you. I love reading the daily prophetic word also. I do hope to be able to sow more into this ministry. God bless you.

  • ARITHA says:

    Thank you prophets Russ and Kitty, I receive this word of prophecy. I praise God and his holy word for my life. You are true prophets of God and I look forward to hearing the word of God in the daily prophetic word everyday. God Bless you.

  • David says:

    Yes, I received a very powerful, encouraging 2020 prophetic word. Will donate very soon. Thanks.

  • Adri says:

    Thank you for your prophetic Ministry that has brought true healing and encouragement to my life and the many others.

  • Nancy Crites says:

    I received a wonderful encouragement for my new year 2020. I love Russ and Kitty, and it is a joy to serve them by volunteering. It is such a blessing to be associated with Russ and Kitty. I have been receiving words from Russ since 2014, and not ONE has been inaccurate! Praise our LORD for His great Kindness to us.

  • Lorraine says:

    Thank you for the word received. I was greatly encouraged and received from 2 of your staff. The word helped me to keep on keeping on. God bless you all.

  • walnuttable says:

    Prophet Russ encouraged me in following the leading of the holy spitit.

  • Frances Twyman says:

    Since 2019 I started membership with Father’s Heart Ministries I had many breakthroughs. I thank you I am able finally at 71 years old to meet and hear people talk the way I talk and know as I know. Ms. Frances Faith Suffice Twyman

  • Donna Magnuson says:

    No words can explain how much the daily word has meant to me…when its almost 7:00…I think only three more hours till I get a word..then two more hours…I am one of the people the Lord is decipling through your daily word…Thank you so much for listening to the Lord to help others…yours truly DM

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