Anyone can Praise their own Ministry but the True Credibility of a Prophetic Ministry is Reflected in the Reports of Breakthrough and Blessing in the lives of those they touch.

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This is our Current Feedback page. The testimonial page gets so many comments it is awkward to use! (Thanks to all those who have taken the time to share their feedback on the prophetic words they receive. To look at those archived testimonies CLICK HERE for 2016 Responses and before or HERE for 2017.

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Prophetic Counseling Feedback:

I can’t even begin to tell you how instrumental Father’s Heart Ministry has been in pulling me up and out of the stuck place that I was in for years. I promise you, if you get serious with God, He will get serious with you. I have received many words of prophecy in the past but didn’t have the wisdom and the knowledge to walk it out. A direction was lacking. Prophetic Counseling was the way that God truly got me up and going. You will receive the wisdom and knowledge that you need to be able to walk out the plan of God for your life. ~ S.W. – Tennessee.


Personal Prophecy Feedback:

Praise God Kitty and Russ! You gave me a Prophetic word back in April 2017, that this season was my time and that I would start hearing the sound of “provision”/increase. Well after working less than one month on a new job I was promoted to an entirely new position, and after five months total, I was promoted again within the same title with a $7,000 increase in pay effective 9-1-17! I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness and looking forward to all he is going to do for his people!! Halelulia! Thanks for being a true prophet!!! In his grace, Desiree..”



  • Françoise Mikale says:

    I would like to testify of what the grace of God has brought to my life through the ministry of Prophet Russ. I have seen my fellowship with God grow a little more each day to the point where the presence of the Holy Spirit becomes real in my spirit man, and from morning until the moment I close my eyes at night. I feel myself drawn more and more towards a life of sanctification, to seek and abide in the presence of the Lord and this thirst for God is only growing day by day. God speaks to me in my dreams on many subjects for the church in my country, my personal life and even on people for whom the Holy Spirit prompts me to pray. I had great difficulty moving forward with regard to the ministry, this burning desire that I had in my heart since my teenage years to serve the Lord, but the words of the prophet swept away all that the enemy had managed to make me believe for many many years, that I was worthless and that I was not called to serve God. During 3 months’ lockdown in Mauritius I served the Lord in fast and prayer, at the feet of the Lord to study and meditate, and relied on many of Russ’s prophecies, and God used me to bring to Christ my family members, 11 in all. Through these meetings, other members of our family have come together. I give glory to the Lord for your ministry with a humble and grateful heart. May God bless you abundantly.

  • Sanders Andrew W says:

    I received a Personal Prophecy, and was elated to hear and read what thus said the Lord God. I can relate to all what God has said from all of you. I’m so, so , grateful for a “ true” word of God. May God continue to richly bless you all!!!

  • Marianna Kramer says:

    Thank you very much for the encouragement,empowerment and confirmating Words from The Father, I was very much in need of them in this time of my personal life and for my future days to come yet. I wondered about certain things; I learned God & Father has great plans with my life and ministry to come yet, I now know for certain; He has put me in absolute Awe! I will await His further instructions to come as He told me to do, while now soaking in His Peace & Rest. God & Father Bless you and your ministry abundantly!!

  • Elizabeth Bradley says:

    Hello this is Elizabeth Bradley i want to thank you for your word. i have talk to my doctor he said he looked at the cat scan and the leason showed no signs of cancer praised GOD.i also asked him about my stomach he said it looked find also. because it also was hurting.

  • Ed says:

    It has been a time where the prophetic voice into my life has been quiet. I feel it has been a time of intimacy and listening to my Daddy’s voice without any prophet speaking into my life. The entire time wanting to have someone prophesy into my life to confirm what I have been hearing. He has been telling me things over the last 3 -4 years that seemed so different from the stream of prophetic voices at the beginning of this quiet season.I have kept those promises from Daddy to myself and have told no one. iI gave it a chance to try to ask Prophet Walden for a word especially since I did not know him nor him know me. It was suprisingly accurate and lately has been issued in perfect time. I am tankful. Ed

  • Juli says:

    Thank you so much for the prophetic word I received from you. It definitely resonated with me and encourage me.

  • Kesley says:

    Thank you for encouraging prophetic words!

  • Susana Pies says:

    I praise God for your life, Kitty and Russ.The prophetic Word received is exactly what the Holy Spirit has been telling me for weeks – what a confirmation. The Lord will breakthrough and I´ll be sharing a bit more here. May God exceedingly bless your ministry. Amen and Amen. Love you both.

  • Jeanette Sumar says:

    Jeanette Sumar
    Thank you for your prophetic word sent to me 7th July 2020. Praise God. Very encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to pray and speak over me and will continue to allow the words to war for me as I pray and meditate on them!.

  • Lisa Zimmerman says:

    Thank you for taking the time to give me a prophetic response that gave me much expectancy that God is working in my life to bring about His perfect will for me personally. I needed this encouraging word to further my spiritual progress. I appreciate your wisdom and guidance as I meditate on this more in the days ahead. I’m trusting God has used you to spur me on to faithful action. God bless you Prophet Russ and Kitty as you continue in close fellowship with the Lord of glory.

  • Simon chen says:

    Hello prophet,, I am so encourage with the word you prophesied to me. It was really god is speaking to me through you. I m blessed by ur word and look forward to be bless by your ministry,

  • Ifeanyi Isaac Nwachukwu says:

    Russ and kitty your words from God thoroughly change my life, I really appreciate you, the words I received from you everyday means a lot to me thank you so much,may God continued to shower you with his anointing and wisdom amen

  • Caroline says:

    Thank you so much Russ & Kitty for the dynamic Word of the Lord you sent me. It fills me with hope and much encouragement for the future. Wishing abundant blessings on you both and your anointed ministry.

  • Apostle ChadDrayton says:

    This Apostle Chad i just want think you for be the door for other people to grow and learn how to hear the Lord voice and move in the prophetic also can learn if you have the office prophet all not prophet you will learn how to speak the word of God with accuracy if you want learn about the prophetic sign of for there online courses you will learn a lot thank you Prophet Russ and katty and every interim and everyone at FHM in Jesus Name Amen.

  • Aquevia says:

    The first line was confirmation to me that the Lord indeed speaks through you! For years I have been telling people that my name means “water and life” thinking that it was somehow had a Spanish origin. Today I learned through prophetic ministry that it is Italian! That was only one part, the accuracy of where the infirmity that had attacked my health and also the financial aspect was spot on! Thank you for allowing Holy Spirit to flow through you, and just as I sowed #traded into the ministry when I made the request, I will sow #trade again into the word that was released. Many blessings!

  • Boštjan Kuralt says:

    Shalom! Glory to God! I was being saved yesterday, my soul is again fully with the Lord. Thank you for your daily prophetic in your great prayer support! Thank you! I stoped smoking yesterday for good. Shalom again!

  • favour Adams says:

    Thanks for the prophetic word you gave me and family you are very accurate, we believe in faith for the manifestations

  • Jennel says:

    Thank you for the word of the Lord it was timely and most definitely received! Bless you and your ministry!

  • William White says:

    Thank you for such a accurate word the Lord spoke to me last week about coming up higher. You are also right about the calling and assignments on my life. Thank you for your faithfulness to the body of Christ.

  • Viveca says:

    God bless you and thank you so much. I thank God for you and your ministry. It was a right on time word. It was accurate and spoke to my inner being.

  • Catherine says:

    The word I received spoke accurately and precisely to my life right now. It gave me such hope, confirmation, and direction on how to move forward! I keep reading it over and over!!! God bless you and your ministry!

  • Debra Berean says:

    Thank you for your prophetic word sent to me on June 9th. I did receive encouragement though the message was more confirmation than revelation. I am seeking God now in confidence and strength. Thank you again for your much needed ministry.

  • Janet Ampadu says:

    Thank you very much for the word from God which you shared with me . It’s quite comforting to know the Lord is there with me in my distress despite my shortcomings

    Your personal word has put my mind at ease concerning so many issues in my life
    And I just want to say a big Thank You
    May The Lord richly bless you

  • theseer1959 says:

    I just received the prophetic word in my spam mail. Thank you so much for the word. It is spot on and confirming what God has been dealing with me about. May Papa God bless your ministry, and thank you. Michael Lee

  • Earl says:

    Hello Russ and Kitty,

    I just wanted to acknowledge that I did indeed receive your prophetic word over my life. The message landed in my spam folder a few days ago and I just found it today (Sunday). I am still pondering and meditating on it’s contents and meaning thoroughly. The prophecy has spoken deeply to my heart with it’s accuracy. I have received many “hopeful” prophetic words in the past that have never come to pass, but with this new prophetic word of encouragement, I am believing that this is indeed MY TIME of blessing. I want to say a Big and Sincere THANK-YOU to both of you for your ministry and for taking the time to intercede to our Father on my behalf! May God continue to Bless both of you and your ministry and may He continue to make you a Blessing unto so many others, in Jesus Name, Amen.

  • markeda hall says:

    the word I received mfrom you all was right on I look so forward to opening my email daily to see what the Lord is saying thru your ministry!

  • Karen K Smith says:

    Thank you for the word I am applying this to my life to be better christian

  • Noah says:

    Thank you so much for the prophetic word. Is so encouraging and comforting. I will use it to war in my situation. May the good Lord continue to use you to bless many hearts that need to hear from Him.

  • Shirlee says:

    Thank you for your prophetic words…I will receive them ,and declare them over myself and my family…I wait in expectant hope for them to unfold in my life.I am watching for my watchword(enough is enough).Thank you Russ and Kitty.

  • Tracey Chatsis says:

    Dear Papa Russ and Mama Kitty,
    I am extremely grateful for the word you sent. I had to take a few days to digest it before responding because it was like something just “blew up” inside of me or like I got punched. In it you said my watchword was “enough is enough”. I said these very words in November 2018. I had been “striving” to be good but still had one foot in the world. The evening before I uttered these word,s I was physically assaulted by a favored family member. I was literally brought to my knees. To keep this short, the very next morning I sought out Godly counsel and returned to my first Love. I have had a few bumps, but I am wholeheartedly serving the Lord to this day.

    Your word also declared that the hindrances are being removed. I had to look up what concertina wire was, as you said that an angel of the Lord was rolling it up from around me. This word is profound and comforting all at once. I have had Many hindrances from the time I was a tiny girl. The enemy has even tried to kill me a couple of times. Anyway, I was a fatherless child in the sixties, my mom was/has been/is very cruel and abusive. I have had children out of wedlock, been divorced, been abused, addicted to drugs etc. etc. SO many hindrances…but yes and amen they are falling away…Thank you Jesus.

    You mentioned humility as being my “secret weapon” I can confirm that this has taken root in my spirit over the last year or so. God is so good. I will be heeding your advice and making that appointment for a pastoral call…Thank you so much and God bless you

  • Sylvia Puentes says:

    Dear Russ and Kitty:
    A few days ago I received the prophetic word that I requested on 4/20/20. I’ll admit I didn’t remember making the request. I have to say that it completely resonates with my spirit. The amazing thing is that I went back to review other words I’ve gotten from you dating back to 2017-18 and I think 2019. I was stunned when I read them again. EVERYTHING you prophesied , including a dream interpretation came to pass. Some of it was originally difficult for me to accept but God in His grace and love made sure to be with me and hold my hand every step of the way. I have matured a lot in my walk since the first time I had contact with you including since my visit to your home in Missouri May 2017. I cherish that time with my the 2 of you and the Lord so much. You’ve really touched my life. God bless you both.

  • Greg S. Runyon says:

    More than a month ago, I requested direction confirmation. I got a word from you just last tuesday. Thursday I needed that word and it was so accurate in preparing me for what was about to happen. I was encouraged and took the rest of the word to war against the situation. My team read it and wept at the goodness of God seen in it. Thank you for your obedience. I will be sending a love offering in a few days and feel it is definately going into good soil. Blessings!

  • jennifer brown says:

    love your new site it is easy on the eyes! Also your word on Friday was spot on GOD BLESS YOU ALL!! and thank you.

  • Debra McCarver says:

    Thank you so much for the detailed prophetic word. It certainly speaks to my situation and I receive it now in Jesus Name. May God’s riches blessings continue to cover you as you minister to people all over the world.

  • Ellena Rose says:

    I cried out to God needing some reinforcement of His Love and Great Promises in a verbal way. At the same time, I Just happened to follow a bunny trail through the maze when I found a prophetic word from the Waldrens’ that Holy Spirit spoke explosively in recognition that It was straight from heaven. I received a gracious offer for a prophetic word. Very encouraging Russ. Thank you. It was exactly what the Father needed me to hear. I believe your gift of prophecy is pure, exactly the way God intended this office to be bestowed on the church in this hour. Much love to you…so glad I found this great ministry.

  • Vicky says:

    Thank you for the prophetic word, it has truly encouraged and lifted me up and I confirm your word, its truly exact to what I am going through right now and I am just so amazed with the goodness of God and His love. Thank you very much!

  • Gloria Franks says:

    The response I received was very accurate, and the advice to use the prophetic word and pray over it was so helpful. The people who respond to our prophetic requests are wonderful and I am glad I reached out to them.

  • Nadine Klopper says:

    Thank you so much for my prophetic word!! Super encouraging & spot on!!! Thank you so much you guys are such a blessing to the body of Christ!! I pray that God will continue to bless you guys and your ministry! love & blessings – Nadine from South Africa

  • A.B says:

    Thank you very much for the recent prophetic word received concerning request, wisdom and direction. I contacted you on the 29th of May and you sent me a reply by the 8th of June. I appreciate it very much.
    It is very recent, therefore respecting and considering the time and the season as according to your word. Kindest regards and blessings, A.

  • Maria says:

    Hi, I wrote you in May 2018 concerning my daughter and her depression and walk with God and your answer from the Father was amazing and detailed to the point that you were saying some of the things I have been telling her myself. Thank you for the confirmation and please continue to pray for my daughter LaTasha.

  • R says:

    Thanks for the recent word. It has helped me refocus, to trust god, ebven though the enemy is trying so hard to get me to act on my own itiatiave and to trusyt in the flesh. Thanks again Russ. R

  • I’m so grateful for the prophetic words that I received. It makes me lean more on God than on anything or anyone.
    God bless you and your ministry.
    More grace.

  • I am still processing what I received, because it was not precisely what I was expecting. However, that does not mean it was not correct or not God. God often comes to us in ways that we do not expect. My hope is that I will begin to understand and be able to build on the prophecy from this point forward.

  • Sara Tekton says:

    I have been overwhelmed by God’s goodness as He directly sent me to you for encouragement. I have received 2 personal prophecies that are truly accurate and second or third witnesses to what Papa has already released to me. I have been in awe of your teaching of Exodus which is exactly what I am going through on a day to day basis. Your daily prophetic Words carry the Wind of Holy Spirit. Our family has an assignment that will greatly impact this nation at an accelerated speed. In less than a decade the world will know what Papa is doing through our family. Papa’s love will be outpoured like we’ve never seen. He has called us as Moses and Aaron to walk through the Red Sea and go directly into the Promise Land because we and others in the body of Christ believe the good report so there is no wilderness for us to wander in. Your ministry will be a part of this. Because you have been true to releasing what Papa has instructed you and you have obeyed your assignments of this season, we will soon see you face to face, join hands with you and release to you the reward of the Father’s love. I am honored to have the privilege of blessing you in the near future. Keep pressing forward. I see your spirit man’s feet is bloody with the trampling of the enemy’s agenda. Our family is cheering you on. Shalom.

  • Pako says:

    The prophetic word I have received was accurate and right on par with the season I am in, of took me about four before I could sleep because of the peace and certainty that surely everything is confirmed and I am totally happy that I am in the right path of my life. Thank Russel and Kitty Walden, my feet are really washed in the prophetic

  • PJT says:

    Thank you so much! Very encouraging words!

  • Lisa says:

    I received a word from Russ and Kitty yesterday and am still processing what it means for me in my particularly confusing and messy situation, but the words were solid truths that can be stood on as I press forward. As I chew over the words daily, I find God works peace into my spirit and confidence that I can rest and trust in Him and that he can accomplish much more that way than my striving and trying to fix everything in the natural myself. Thank you for taking the time to pray and speak over me and will continue to allow the words to war for me as I pray and meditate on them!

  • Narin Loudiyi says:

    Dear Russell and Kitty , I received My Prophecy Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Praise be to God and Thanks be to Jesus. There is so much to unpack and really understand that I have spent a lot of time looking up some of the phrases God used because I didn’t understand them at first . The Natural situation has got worse since decreeing my breakthrough phrase but I will trust that Things are going to get better . I will sow and do whatever it takes to make this word reality ! God bless you both and your children and their children. Amen

  • Vivien Baxter says:

    Hi Kitty and Russ, thank you for the prophetic word I received yesterday. It was detailed and spot on for where I’m at now. Praise God. Very encouraging, and resonated well with me. God bless :)

  • Teresa says:

    Thank you for your encouraging prophetic words! I need to put my worries and fear in God’s loving hands. There was so much I needed to hear! I pray God will richly bless your ministry !

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