Russ and Kitty believe that no one is disposable and everybody counts! Having a pastor to talk to and relate to your life is so critical to your spiritual health. Russ and Kitty are excited to announce a dedicated pastoral gift for beginning this year. Our dear friend Vic Foglia just joined the pastoral staff of FHM.

Pastor Vic Foglia

Pastor Vic is one of those men that just exudes the love of God and the kind, fatherly grace that makes a great pastor. Vic and his wife Ann just moved across the country from the east coast to be a part of FHM. This is to your benefit! Vic pastored for many years in Colorado and along with Ann served on the ministry team of their church in North Carolina. After much prayer and consideration, Vic and Ann now join the FHM team of ministry. Prophets Russ and Kitty encourage you “big time” to use the calendar below to schedule a one-on-one call with Pastor Vic. At the link above you can choose the day and time for your call from our online calendar. The call will be about 30 minutes in length and you may ask Vic any questions that are on your heart or need that is in your life. Do it now. This is your time. Pastoral ministry has never been this intimate, one on one and available on demand to bless your life!

The requisite donation to get on the schedule that you choose below is $75.00.

1. Choose your date and time in the calendar below. If you don’t see an available time on your chosen date it is because those times are taken by others – choose a different date. (then scroll down to leave your comments).

2. Fill out the information below the calendar (fill out information and click continue)

3. Click continue.



  • Mary says:

    Father Heart, thank you for the powerful messages God is using to send to me. You are really a prophet, may the Almighty God richly bless you.

  • scottmahoney says:

    salvation for my father and the rest of my family,that jesus would visit my father and the rest of my family,face to face enconuter

  • Mary says:

    All that I want to say is, may the Almighty God continue to anoint you to help people like me. Please continue to pray me. May the good God bless you all for the messages God has use you to sent me.

  • carlos juarez says:

    disculpe en español

  • Lazarus Ezeoke says:

    Father heal me and my lovely family of anything not planted in our body by the heavenly father in Jesus Christ mighty name.Amen.

    • David Reynolds says:

      Father God bless You for Lazarus and his family receiving peace. Lord, thanks for your blood covering protection. Praise You for life and life more abundantly in Jesus name. Amen
      Be blessed 🙌🤗💦👊💜

  • Daud Shad says:

    I am Servant of Almighty God. Working for outreach Children’s and giving them food and education.
    From Pakistan
    Daud Shad

  • Philip Jairus says:

    Pls mentor me to be useful to my people for God

  • Carolyn Moffett says:

    Prayer for my friend Aio to get a nursing job that she desires

  • Carolyn Moffett says:

    I ask for prayer for healing in my throat and neck also my son’s deliverance.

  • Jembere Assefa says:

    Please pray to me I need to growth in faith and economy

  • Leleni says:

    Need change in my life enough of sufferings

    • Venche Høvring kolltveit says:

      Dear Leleni
      I see that God has made a clear path for you. And the Lord has wispered in your heart what it is. Its a desire you have but you’re not shure how it can come to past. God put this desire in you and He has made it very easy for you. Just take the first step and give the step to Jesus like the little boy who gave the few bread and fishes he had into Jesus hands. He gave it to the King and it multiplied . God do not care about time, He is in control of it . He made it and He owns it. So, your not too late and not too soon. This time is now, this time is right. You just take the first step and trust God . Be bold, you have the King and kingdom inside of you. Let go of fear. and The Lord want you to spreak it out loud over your self.
      Declare whats yours.. With speaking out loud you open the door to your destiny. Give thanks to what He has done and what He is about to do in your life.
      I declare the Lords fire around you, Jesus blood and angels to watch over you and your loved ones in Jesus name. AMEN !! Much joy will follow you from this day on. You are blessed to bless many.

  • Wamanya Nkabazi Frank Geofrey says:


  • W Geoffrey says:

    Please pray for me wisdom and no range

  • Hamunyera Stanislaus says:

    Thanks father ‘ s hearts ministries for I get u I want to pray for my lyfe of financial problems of bad lucky,doubt, fears, witchcraft, jealousy and everything I do uncomplicated no success I want to push my lyfe to feed my families but am not moving now I dd not even job,help me with your powerful prayer pastor in Jesus name AMEN..

  • Trevor k Mlotshwa says:


  • Carol May says:


  • pastor oker godfrey paloni says:

    Yes pastor thanks for the work of God you are doing and I wish you the best. please pray with me pastor; God instructed me to start a church within this country, but I need your prayers to support me in His work and mentoring.GOD BLESS You.

  • Nancy B says:

    Thanks be to God for the faithfulness of his servant and constantly depicting the Fathers love.
    The Fathers love allowed Christ to pay the price for our numerous faults. Blessings to his servants. N

  • Beatrice Kinsey says:

    I really wish that I could get prophetic counseling, take the courses, or even get a seasoned word from the team. Unfortunately living on disability income, doesn’t afford either. Since my car accident in ’87, I’ve tried constantly to work, go to school and even volunteer. I’ve sought the Lord regarding ‘lack, purpose, and calling and haven’t received anythng yet. But, I believe He has a plan for me. Knowing when and what is the question! I believe that getting prophetic counseling or a seasoned Word would really help guide me in the right direction. And I believe Father’s Heart Ministry can help. But, until manifestation of the finances, I can’t request help. But, I’m praying for those who are able, that they will be blessed as they receive from Father’s Heart Ministry.

  • Debbie says:

    I am usually speechless when I come before THE LORD.Its the same way I feel when I read the daily prophetic word. I have no words to describe the way the voice of my father sounds to me through a prophet.I am new to the prophetic but believe it is perhaps the most important gift our father has for us to show His love for his beloved children. I thank Him for the true prophets and for speaking to us in so many ways. My faith is growing so much thanks to FATHERS HEART ministries.I want to walk like Russ & Kitty & share the FATHERS heart with others,too.
    Thank you,Russ & Kitty with all my blessed heart.

  • Pascal Achu says:

    i love the fathers heart ministry

  • LeAndre says:

    Thanks you so much Elle Rachelle, for the prophetic word of the Lord, That is so true The Lord called me for the healing ministry for the sick, I have been hurt in so many ministry , because I have a great love for God people, Yes the Lord healed so many people thought me, Yes I’m getting myself ready for GOD to use me more, Please keep me in prayer, I need all the prayer I can get so much spiritual warfare I’m going thought , but I’m still standing on Gods words….

    God Bless

  • salome says:

    God have Mercy on me

  • Gule Buyu Emilio says:

    Thank God the daily prophetic word has raised my faith in the Lord to the extent that i believe i am a true christian living according to the Lord’s standard of living as prescribed in the Holy Bible, and receiving God’s blessings

  • Enoch says:

    Thank God I found this site

  • I love the name of this ministry

  • mary says:

    God remember me

    • Michele says:

      He does! May be shine his face upon you that you will see great ma infestations in your life,! Selah, sister

  • Mikiala Barnett says:

    I am listening to the deep calls to deep CD. It is speaking to me in many different ways. Even the prohectic word for the this month on the 11/16/2015 is saying so, much to me. I Thank God for you FATHER HEART Ministry and that my lost long family has found me.

  • liz says:

    I wish I could afford this but im in financial trouble right now. But I will remember this site when I have money.

    • Pierre Williston says:

      We are on November 5th 2015. Lord i Pray that the warehouse of heaven come to my sister, i know what heardship is all abouth so i pray this with all of my heat bless her like she ever was before because you are faithfull

  • Father’s heart, I’m so thankful to have read this article, our generation needs the voice of the father through his prophets. those of us who are keen to listen from God the father shall earnestly be blessed, the Kingdom of God can well be interpreted by the Prophets, the wisdom of this world can not be able to articulate the things of God, I want to continue listening from my father’s heart> Peter W Chinyama.

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