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Chapter One: Today:

[Revelation 1:] John Encounters Jesus on Patmos: In chapter 1 of Revelation we join John, the apostle in exile on the island of Patmos. Where there under extreme conditions he experiences an encounter that ultimately shapes our understanding of God and His purposes in a profound way for all humanity. (Link Here)

Chapter Twelve:

Today: [Revelation 12:] The Sun Clothed Woman. Who is the Sun Clothed Woman in Rev. 12? Is she the virgin Mary? Is she an astrological sign? Does this chapter speak of a catching up? Are you destined to be a member of the manchild company? On what grounds? We will study this and more in our chapter today. (Link Here)

Chapter Two:

[Revelation 2:] The Seven Churches: Who were the seven churches? They were, in fact, seven local churches in Asia and perhaps something much more. Many godly leaders in history believed that the messages to the seven churches were not only for these specific locations but the churches throughout history as well. We will examine this view and determine its validity in our study.
(Link Here)

Chapter Thirteen:

Today: [Revelation 13:] The Beast, the False Lamb and 666. When Satan falls to earth in Revelation 12, he rises as the Beast in Revelation 13. Events begin to accelerate as global deception, and the universal spiritual seduction of mankind takes on an intensity never before seen in history.
(Link Here)

Chapter Three:

[Revelation 3:] Are We the Laodicean Church. Chapter three concludes the messages of Jesus to the seven churches. These churches very well could represent seven church epochs from Paul’s day to our day. Is the church of today the Laodicean age? If so what does that mean for us personally?
(Link Here)

Chapter Fourteen:

Today: [Revelation 14:] 144,000 Jewish Evangelists? Maybe Not. In Rev. 14 we see the 144,000 show up again in John’s vision. Who are these people and what does the Bible say about them. They are a prominent part of the tableau of prophetic fulfillment and may be closer to home in their identity than traditional prophecy teachers might perceive. (Link Here)

Chapter Four:

[Revelation 4:] The Throne Revealed. In Revelation 4 John is caught up to the throne of God to experience its glories. He sees the throne and the one sitting thereon. He sees four living creatures and 24 elders – all representing something of who God is and who He is in us. (Link Here)

Chapter Fifteen:

Today: [Revelation 15:] The Many Sevens of Revelation. In this chapter, we see seven angels with seven plagues and seven vials. What do all these sevens represent? As their meaning is revealed, the presence of God is manifest as at no other time in human history while the redeemed are gathered standing witness to the scene. (Link Here)

Chapter Five:

[Revelation 5:] Behold the Lamb! In this chapter, we see Jesus as a lamb seated upon the throne. His appears is with seven horns and eyes to whom all of those in the throne room give adoration and praise. What is the timing of His appearance? It is to open a book in the right hand of the One on the throne, a book we shall learn something about in our study.
(Link Here)

Chapter Sixteen:

Today: [Revelation 16:] Seven Vials Poured Out. In this chapter the seven angels of ch. 15 pour out the vials that one of the four beasts before the throne had given them. As a result, great upheaval and destruction of nations are revealed to John with Jesus Himself standing beside him to comfort him in the unveiling of such cataclysm.

(Link Here)

Chapter Six:

[Revelation 6:] The Opening of the Seven Seals. When John sees the first six of the seven seals opening, does this have anything to do with us personally? What does it mean in terms of the scope of future events? Today we will gain in-depth understanding as to this chapters relevance to our personal lives and to the world around us.
(Link Here)

Chapter Seventeen:

Today: [Revelation 17:] Who is Mystery Babylon and Can’t We All Just Get Along? In Rev. 17 one of the angels with the seven vials reveals to John what is called the “Great Whore of Babylon.” There are many ideas as to what this is. We also see the anti-Christ forces turning against each other as God confounds our enemies and brings about His will in the earth. (Link Here)

Chapter Seven:

[Revelation 7:] Who are the 144,000? Many over the centuries have attempted to identify the 144,000 mentioned in this chapter? Are they Jews? Are they the church? Are they the Jehovah Witnesses? We will delve into this question in our study. (Link Here)

Chapter Eighteen:

Today: [Revelation 19:] The Marriage Supper of the Lamb. In Rev. 19 the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is consummated. What is interesting is that there is no description of a table or place settings or where one might sit for some great meal. What is described is something else altogether which we will explore in our study. (Link Here)

Chapter Eight:

[Revelation 8:] The Prayers that Invoke the Hand of God: In Revelation chapter 8 there is a spectacle of prayers offering before the throne of God. As a result, there is angel activity and seven trumpets sound that brings certain apocalyptic events to pass. Your prayers are much more a part of God’s working than you know as this chapter will illustrate. (Link Here)

Chapter Nineteen:

Today: [Revelation 19:] The Marriage Supper of the Lamb. In Rev. 19 the Marriage Supper of the Lamb is consummated. What is interesting is that there is no description of a table or place settings or where one might sit for some great meal. What is described is something else altogether which we will explore in our study. (Link Here)

Chapter Nine:

Today: [Revelation 9:] Who is the Star with the Key to the Bottomless Pit? In this chapter, we uncover a sobering perspective regarding apocalyptic events that read like today’s headlines regarding societal upheaval, terrorism and the identity of a counter-Christianity that is a household name in the world.
(Link Here)

Chapter Twenty:

Today: [Revelation 20:] Do You Believe in Hell? In Revelation 20 John witnesses the bottomless pit and the lake of fire. This brings up the question do you believe in a place of eternal punishment? Surprisingly a large percentage of Christians (according to Pew Research) have no belief in hell whatsoever. (Link Here)

Chapter Ten:

Today: [Revelation 10:] What Did the Seven Thunders Utter? There are those who believe what the Seven thunders utter in this chapter was revealed in 1963. Is this true? Many have speculated for centuries over these things as our study today gives us a lens on the final chapter of God’s unfolding purposes in human history.
(Link Here)

Chapter Twenty-One:

Today: [Revelation 21:] New Jerusalem Coming Down. In chapter 21 we see the appearance of the New Jerusalem coming down to affix itself on the surface of a new earth. God will then move His throne out of the third heaven into the first heaven to abide with the Lamb and the saints forever.

(Link Here)

Chapter Eleven:

Today: [Revelation 11:] The Two Witnesses who are They? In Rev. 11 John is given a rod to measure the temple. After this two witnesses appear. Some think they are Elijah and Enoch. Others throughout history have convinced themselves that they are the two witnesses? What can we learn of these and to what end? (Link Here)

Chapter Twenty-Two:

Today: [Revelation 22:] Peering into Eternity Future: In this final chapter of the apocalypse we glimpse into the glories of eternity without end. God is there, and the Lamb is the light. The tree of life is there and the river of life. Punctuating this scene as the mists of vision lift is the repeated and urgent proclamation “behold I come quickly.”
(Link Here)

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    Please send bible studies to my home adress, 4411 Adloph ave, Killeen tx 76549

  • Angela "AJ" Porter says:

    Thank You soooooo much for ALLLLL that you and your Team do ……
    I have downloaded the pdff file of the revelations teachings free gift to my phone…
    As this is the only internet I have
    … But the …. Link here …. Parts are not linking to the videos thru the saved off file ….
    I have to come back to this site to be able to access them ….
    The site don’t let me redownload them ……
    I would GREATLY APPRECIATE any help …

  • Gordon says:

    I was so excited when I heard Bro. Russ identify the woman in Rev. 12 as the church and not Mary or Israel.
    John wrote she has the moon under her feet. Gen 1:16-The moon is the Ruler of Darkness. Romans 16:20-Under the feet means conquered.
    Luke 10:18- Jesus gave the church the power and authority to conquer.
    I explained this to the fellow showing his videos of Virgo and he could not refute it but would not change his teaching as Mary/Israel.

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