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The Father say today that I am connecting you to My Sovereignty. I’m going to put your foot in the devil’s neck and he’s going to beg you for mercy he’s not going to get. I’m going to infuse you with the “I’m sick and fed up with the devil’s lie” attitude.

You are about to lose all your weak friends because they won’t have the courage to hang out with you anymore. When they run into you on the street and you say “BOO!” they are going to run the other way because they have absolutely no understanding of your walk with God.

You are going to make audacious presumption look like rank unbelief. I’m going to push you says the Father. I’m going inject your emotions with so much of Myself from your own inner man that your relatives are going to think they need to call the men in the white coats because you have gone off your rocker for God. They think you are too radical as you are now. They will be unable to contain themselves or hide their sheer terror when they see the radical idea you have about how much I love you.

I love you says the Father. I love you further and farther than you have ever imagined. I am about to saturate your mind and emotions with My love that you won’t be any use for a week. Are you ready says the Father? What fun! It’s time isn’t it? Of course it is. It is always time to enjoy My radical love for you.

The Father says today that the angels and the heavenly hosts are focused with a terrible scrutiny on My person and My name. When My name is uttered and when My name is exalted they spring into action. UTTER MY NAME says the Father. You will utter My name and feel the earth tremble under your feet and skies darken overhead with the myriads of angels bearing down on your position to render needed aid.

You didn’t think you would be left out did you? My kingdom is coming says the Father. It is coming on the cosmic scale yes but it is coming in power and great force in your life. My kingdom and all its attendant powers, angels, potentates, dignities, warriors and strategists are dispatched now IN FORCE as you lift up My name. You are a member of the KINGDOM SIGNAL CORE and the hosts of heaven await the signal to move in and destroy the enemy.

I am your exaltation and your refuge says the Father. I AM on the inside of you as the GPS coordinate to bring down heaven’s hosts in full fury upon the enemy of your soul who would dare to deny you My promise. Bahahahaha! Strap in says the Father. It’s going to get turbulent. The enemy’s back will be broken and you will stand with your foot in his neck and declare the field of conflict is YOUR DOMINION IN CHRIST!!

The Father Says Today that there are four words that define the parameters of My dealings with you: “Nothing Shall Be Impossible”. Men impose boundaries on themselves because limitlessness intimidates them. I have not bounded My promises in your life by time or circumstance nor the opinions of others. I am the Limitless One and I have taken all the limits off of you in order that you might fellowship with Me and understand My mind and My Self-existence.

When you accept the limitlessness of My nature IN you then you can abase and abound without stress or worry. When you know that nothing shall be impossible to you then you realize that a moment of lack or want is just a pause between outpourings of abundance. You realize that I have never failed you and never will fail you. So let go of the mere habit of living in dread. You know good and well that every promise in Me has been and will be YES and AMEN.

Rest in that reality says the Father. Rest in the reality that the nothing that is impossible to Me is the nothing that is impossible to you. As I am boundless and limitless so I am living out My omnipotence in your life in the face of this days pitiful challenges.