The Father says today, I am restoring you to wholeness of heart. Your heart was broken and torn in many directions in times past – all that ends now. I am holding your heart in My hand and blowing upon it with My breath as a man would blow upon a coal of fire. Your rejoicing is coming back. Your joy is now restored. Wait! Can you hear it? In your heart, even now, the faint music of celebration is rising within you with the trumpets of praise – blasting out all the depression, anxiety, and sadness. Sadness is not your portion, says God. I am your Maker, and every one of your days is written in My book. The epistle of your life is a success story, a romance, an epic of triumph and victory – not a tragic cautionary tale of failure or disappointment. Your enemies are turned back – they perish at My presence. I have maintained your right and your cause, and now the gavel comes down in your favor.

The destructions of the destroyer in your life have come to a perpetual end. Now beauty takes the place of ashes, and the spirit of heaviness is displaced by joy unspeakable and full of glory. Say in your heart, “this is where it gets easy!” I am all about yoke easy and burden light. Make the proclamation, “what ELSE could POSSIBLY go right?” For that is the threshold you have crossed over this very day. Believe the good report, says God. Refuse to wallow in the negative. Give Me some cooperation, and I will give you some change. Let your eyes be lightened with the promise of My word, and the expectation of your heart be above only and not beneath. Despisers will despise and perish, but a credulous faith-believing people will inherit the land and divide the heathen’s spoil for their inheritance.

The Father says today, the excellency of My name is bringing you out today. Open your mouth wide as a suckling child and receive the strength that I have ordained for you. The enemy and the avenger against you are stilled as you praise and acknowledge who I am and what I am doing in your life by My word. Never feel that you are forgotten or marginalized in any way. I am mindful of you, and I visit you every day with My goodness. I am ever working to bring you into promotion and benefit even as I did Abraham of old. This day your testimony will be, “I have seen the finger of God come forth in my life, and I am delivered from the enemy!”

The angels hush and bow their heads when they witness the glory that I have placed in your heart. You are holy ground. Your spirit is the place of deep calling to deep where My voice originates and goes forth into all the earth to subdue the enemy before you. You will put your foot in the neck of the enemy, and you will walk in the dominion that I ordained for you before the foundation of the world. Realize this day that you are not a pauper, and you are not cast aside or trodden under foot of the enemy. Though you were created a little lower than the angels, I have crowned you with glory and honor. Walk in that honor today. I have given you dominion over all the works of My hands, and I have put all things under your feet that you might reign in Christ on this side of your mortality. Know that ruling and reigning begins now – if you can take now for an answer. Accept this, beloved, and know it as your inheritance in Me.

The Father says today, this is your turnaround time. The enemy’s strategy is broken, and your persecutor’s oppression is now lifted and thrown back from your life. When no one has any answers, and nothing is working, relax, and realize that I am online in your situation to deliver answers and solutions beyond man’s wisdom. In an instant, in a moment, deliverance is come from on high. Your tears are wiped away, and there is a dance in your step and jubilation in your mouth. Go ahead and celebrate for those who sought your life without a cause are trodden down and laid in the dust to be seen no more.

I am a just judge, says the Father, and I am never late. The wickedness of the wicked now comes to an end as I establish the just in the land of the living. I have tried your heart and formed you as My jewels are formed – with heat and pressure. Now the dross is skimmed away with every imperfection that you might shine forth in the kingdom of your Father. Take all that anger, stress, and travail and give it to Me. They have dug a pit and set a snare to take you, but their mischief now returns on their own head and their violent dealing will boomerang back into their own lives. Trust Me for the outcome. Set a watch on your mouth and a guard upon your heart never to speak contrary to My promise or to worry in any way. I am here. I am working, and you will not be disappointed, says God.