The Father says today, I am not angry with you, and I’m not punishing you. The enemy whispers and tells you I am holding out on you, but beloved everything I conceivably could give to you was totally and utterly poured out in your life 2000 years ago. I see your weakness, and I am answering with My mercy. I am not some wrathful being on a distant mountaintop hurling lightning bolts of displeasure upon helpless humanity below. If ever I was who men assume Me to be the earth and all creation would be vaporized in a moment. I not only give to you and bless you daily and moment by moment, but I even give life and breath to the heathen and those who shake their fist in My face. I am Love personified. That is who I am and what I do continually. I rain on the just and the unjust. I am not spiteful, and I never toy with you or put on you that which the Cross provided for the removal of. I am your Healer, your Salvation, and your Provision – not one-day – someday, but now. Enter into that truth and wrap yourself in its comfort as I move to radically bless you in this season.

I’ve heard your groaning, and I have seen the grief that has consumed you in the night. You’ve asked Me and asked Me and asked Me, and I’ve heard you, so begin now to thank Me, for guess what? The check is in the mail. My provision for every possible need you might have is on its way to you stamped by the postmaster of heaven with My promise certified not by the fact that you earned anything but by the truth of the shed blood of Calvary. Sanctify your conscience to that reality. When I see the blood, I am satisfied on your behalf. I’m not looking for some moral quality or some level of religious performance allegedly required before I will move in your life. What can your fasting do to move My hand beyond what the Cross has provided? What can all those self-imposed restrictions and burdens provoke My hand to make available to you that the nails and the crown of thorns did not make possible? I say to you that your righteousness is in Me. I move in your life not because of who you are or what you have done but because of who I AM and what was done for you on the Cross two millennia ago. Rest in that. Let that truth work in you as you receive the full saturation of My entire promise this day made manifest to address every deficit you are facing.

The Father says today, My ear is bent low to the meditation of your heart. On the inside of you, I see the pave stones of your faith, and they shine brightly in My eyes, delighting My heart and moving My hand to intervene in your situation. I see you, and I hear the voice of your cry. The angels are vectoring into your life to bring forth their works according to My promise and according to your faith-filled words. The perfection of holiness is manifesting within you and flowing out of you in a pure testimony of My nature and My goodness to all that see you or interact with you in any way. This is your rejoicing, for you haven’t put your trust in vain things. You have put your trust in who I am in your life, therefore you will not be ashamed. My name is your defense today, and My glory is a fire round about you that the enemy will not break through.

The enemy wants you to think you are surrounded by a multitude of problems, but you are not; you are encompassed by the multitude of My mercies. In My mercies, you will rejoice all day long no matter what the enemy threatens for My impenetrable strength stands between you and all of his plans and strategies. Refuse to be distracted by temporal things. Keep your mind stayed on the eternal realities of My Spirit for the things that are seen are temporary and ever subject to change by My hand on your behalf and to your benefit. The faithlessness of the wicked will not touch you. The counsels of the ungodly will fail before the words leave their mouths. In the multitude of their transgressions, they will fall into the pit of their own making, but I will uphold you and bring you through to a place of provision, stability, and safety even by My hand, says the Father.

The Father says today, I am your righteousness. When I look at you, says the Father, I see the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. That is the basis of every answered prayer and blessing in your life. When I look at you, I see the blood on the doorpost of your heart, and I pass over you to protect you and bring you out of your captivity. I move in your life, not based on who you are or what you have done for Me. I move in your life based on who I am and what I did for you on the Cross years ago. When you come before Me in prayer, realize that the Cross is enough. Giving your body to be burned or making some religious sacrifice does not prompt Me to act in your life in any way. You are qualified for all of heaven’s best because of what I have done and am doing in you and not any other thing.

Accept your place before Me this day, says the Father. Receive the fact of the finished work of Calvary. Lay aside every human effort to get My attention and just know that I have set you as the pupil of My eye. I see your distress and will have mercy in your time of need. Come before Me expectantly and wait patiently on the thing that I am bringing about. Commune with your own heart on your bed and say to your busy little mind, “Be still and know…” There are those around you filled with pessimism, but that is not your portion. Sarcasm is the last defense of the carnal mind. Let cynicism and sarcasm be displaced with gladness in your heart and the light of My countenance. Your time of celebration has come. Your corn and wine are increased. Enter into My peace; even the peace of one whose warfare has been done away with by the Cross; then you will lay down in tranquility and sleep the sleep of a babe, safe in My arms.