The Father says today, I am not daunted by your to-do list or your prayer needs. Cry out to Me. Bring those things before Me that make you mad and make you doubt. All those issues that keep sleep from your eyes and peace from your heart are as nothing – cast them all at My feet. Choose to be careful for nothing for that would be double work because I care for you, and I am always at work responding to the dictates of your faith to see deliverance come to your situation. I am not delaying; instead, I am expediting your requests and dispatching angels to your side to work in you and with you to bring about needed change. Be discerning and trim your words before the angel of My presence, lest he destroys the work of your hands. They come for your words, and if they find perverse speech on your lips or contradictory statements, they stand aside, fold their arms and wait for clearance to move further. They know nothing of the intent of the heart; all they know is the character of your actions and the quality of the words of your mouth that they act on as requisitions from heaven – unless they are impeded by express unbelief in your heart or mind.

So put away from you all perverse speech and conversation, opinions, and exclamations contrary to My word. Choose to be a fountain of sweet water and not bitter. Refuse to allow anything comparable with the curse to be articulated in your mind or on your lips. What you could get away with and what didn’t matter seemingly in times past regarding crass or casual conversation will not do in the season you are walking in now. I am bringing a groundswell of blessing and a breaking up of the deeps of My power in your life. The open heaven is appearing above you to bring in those things that are needed and drive far off and far away from you those situations, conditions, and yes, even people who have no place in My plan for your life. Yes, there is the unknown part of it, for I lead you forth with joy and cause you to go out with peace – not with explanations and rationale. Accept that you won’t know everything that tomorrow entails, but you rule and reign all the same as you pray out My mysteries with tongues that cannot be uttered in articulate speech.

The Father says today, I am elevating the work of your hands and putting on display the gifts, talents, skill, and anointing that I’ve placed inside you for My glory. You’ve wondered why you’ve put so much effort into something that seemingly hasn’t come to fruition, but suddenly now with just a slight alteration and different manner of presentation the lights go up and all the attention will be upon you for promotion and acknowledgment of what I’ve done in and through you in My kingdom. It will open a door for you to cause many to know your testimony and receive the witness of what your walk with Me is all about. Things that have been misconstrued and even caused you to be misunderstood and accused falsely will be cleared up as My favor visits your life in an unusual and unique way.

There is also now manifesting a provisioning and prosperity for your benefit as resources of opportunity, connection, collaboration and yes, even money will start to pour in on the left and the right – just like a tub filling up with water that you might wash away the stigma of failure and lack that has daunted you in times past but now will come to an end. No more looking back and waiting for the next disappointment in a long string of disappointments – those days are over. You are now moving forward, not in the flawed schemes of men, but in the unfailing initiatives of My kingdom that are now unfolding to you ready to spring into manifestation your highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled.

The Father says today, you are moving forward in a new way. The old wineskin isn’t just inconvenient; it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Align your thinking with the emerging initiatives of My kingdom and foster those dynamics in your daily life. Maintaining the old only results in stagnation and disappointment. You’ve asked yourself, “Do things always have to be this hard?” No beloved, they do not. Only the way of the transgressor is hard. When your life ceases to be “yoke easy and burden light,” then you know you’ve strayed from the path of life. Adjust your heart and your mind. Why? Because things are the way they are because of what you are doing. If you want something different, you must do something different. If you spend all your energy trying to prop up what isn’t working anymore – nothing changes. That is not My will. Even though I am the God who NEVER changes, I nonetheless require you to live in a constant state of change – that’s what repentance is all about.

No more complacency. No more giving in to that feeling of helplessness and desperation. You are not helpless because the Helper; the Holy Spirit lives on the inside of you. If you were genuinely incapable, My word would be a lie, and of all men and women, you would be most miserable. You’ve faced exasperation and exclaimed, “If I only knew what to do…” That is the voice of the soul despairing its lack of control in the situation. You DO know what to do, for I am your WISDOM, and I live on the inside of you. Do you want out? Listen to My voice speaking in the silence between your thoughts. Are you ready for a breakthrough? Then go out with joy and be led forth with peace. Joy establishes the direction and peace establishes the timing. Leave distractions behind. Reject the tyranny of the urgent and focus on the important. Step up and step out on that highway I spoke of in My word – that the wayfaring man though a fool will not err therein. Are you ready? Move forward then, one step at a time.